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SK: Pieniny – Rafting on Dunajec

Published: 18.7.2013
Rafting is adrenaline water sport on wild water. There are crews of two to six that sails on rubber inflatable boats. Even in Slovakia this sport became highly popular and each year there are many people who start practicing it.

In Slovakia you can go down many rivers and navigation channels. Among the most popular are Vah, Hron, Bela, Orava a v and last but not least the beautiful river of Dunajec, the river makes a natural border with Poland that is 18 kilometers long. The Dunajec is a wild and 18 kilometers long river, which made its way in Pieniny klippes in an amazing twisted gorge, which is 9 kilometers long. Its beginning and end is about 2,5 kilometer from each other. The Dunajec is among the most attractive places in Slovakia. You can walk down a it beautifl valley along a red tourist trail that connects Cerveny Klastor with Szczawnica, a Polish spa. Or you can admire astonishing white limestone gorges, remarkable rock cliffs while you sailing on a raft, or raft boat, which is even better. Many romantic places as well as the names of formations are related to local folklore.

  Rafting on DunajecRafting na Dunajci
Rafting Pieniny – an experience you will never forget
If you haven’t been rafting yet, you shouldn’t worry. We have a great tip for you. You can try rafting on Dunajec supervised by a professional instructor from the Pieniny Sport Center ; they will be your guides during this unique experience. Also, your restless children would be satisfied. Safety, and fun as well, is guaranteed by a life jacket and professional instructors with years of experience.

Rafting na Dunajci
You can choose sail duration as well as its route out of several options. The shortest would take you about 2 hours, the longest even few days during which you would exprience the unforgettable.

Rafting on Dunajec Rafting na Dunajci
At the end of the sail, you can have a picnic in nature under a roof of a log shed, there while listening to folk music you would enjoy local specialties. You can get back on platform by taking a walk along a nature trail, by a mountain bike that is really affordable, or by bus.

The Pieniny Sport Center could make you a great program that would suit your needs. They may make you a route, rent you paddling equipment, bikes or book you good accommodation or tasty picnic. So? Are you going to try rafting on Dunajec? Just compete in our photo-contest that you may find on the Slovak language version of our website. Perhaps, if you are lucky, you may rafting-pieniny.sk get lucky and win an experience in two on Dunajec!

Text: editor staff
Source and photo: wwPieniny sport centrumw.rafting-pieniny.sk 

Rafting Pieniny

Pieniny sport centrum
Červený Kláštor 45, 059 06
Tel.č.: 00421 907 477 412


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