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SK: Summer on Water – Fun for Everyone Who Has the Courage

Published: 31.7.2014
Do you love summer, sun, and water? Are you courageous? If so, for you we have one great advice how to spend active moments in summer. Call your friends, pack your family, and set off to a beautiful and unforgettable weir. You will have beautiful experience for sure.

Are you among those who don’t like to just si the whole summer somewhere near water and not to really relax, you also need a little fresh air head in the fresh air or stretch every muscle in the body? If so, then you should definitely try out some of the beautiful river rafting, whether you chose wild or mild water is of course up to you. Or at least try indescribable adrenaline rafting, for example, on an artificial canal in the area of water sports in Liptovsky Mikulas. If you do not belong to experienced paddlers, you should definitely do not go alone on the water. In this case, best thing to do when is to contact experienced paddlers, such as John the B Tour travel agency, that you can find here: www.splavujeme.sk.
Great paddlers with rich experience of rafting on Slovakian and other European rivers, will tell you that you will enjoy lot of fun on water. However, under their leadership, you will also feel really safe. After all, safety is always the first place, but also important is the human touch, friendly nature and genuine enthusiasm of experienced whitewater instructors, who work in the travel agency John the B Tour, is certainly there.
Rafting offering is HERE. The calendar of paddler events that you may join is HERE.
To gain new experience, to look at a place from a different perspective, and also spend free time playing sports in nature, it all combines, if you decide to raft. You can choose not only the Slovak rivers but also rivers abroad. Among the most popular is definitely the Hornad, flowing also through Kosice, the headquarters of the John the B Tour. You can raft also different rivers such as the Bela or Dunajec. If you do not feel like you can take weirs and you would like to test kayak or canoe first, you can join a course on canoeing on the dam Ruzin or courses on canoeing and safety on river . But do not worry. River rafting is really suitable for everyone. Even beginners, families with children, groups of friends will enjoy it, but also experienced paddlers. For the complete offer sinuses of rafting options by the travel agency John B Tour just visit www.splavujeme.sk.

f you do not have anyone in your neighborhood who gathered enough courage and wants to enjoy this unforgettable adventure with you, do not worry! Feel free to arrange a raft experience with the instructors, it just needs courage. Experienced and enthusiastic canoeists will sure understand. And you know what? Maybe even you become passionate paddler.


If you are still hesitant to sluice about rafting, maybe it is time for a coincidence to help you decide. Just join the summer photo-contest at our Slovak website and you will compete for some beautiful prizes, including paddling on the Anicka Weir for 2 persons by www.splavujeme.sk.

It is a fantastic two-hour experience on the Hornad River, it means that it is suitable for beginners and/or families with children. So do not hesitate and come and compete at our website!

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Source and photo: John the B Tour travel agency, www.splavujeme.sk

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