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Documents necessary for entering to Pakistan

Personal documents:

Valid passport. Its validity must be at least six months after intended entry into Pakistan. On the other hand, passport validity of passengers, travelling to Pakistan from service reasons (businessmen, employees engaged in state projects, etc.) could be terminated six weeks after assumed entry.

Documents to motor vehicle:

Pakistan Embassy abroad issues document: “No Objection Certificate“, and registration number of motor vehicle, motor number and car-body number must be noted in passport.

Central Auto-Moto Club is issuing international carnets for motor vehicles and couples. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the issued carnet would be valid for member states AIT and FIA at the same time.

Further, we wish to stress the fact that Pakistan Authorities require that vehicle owner (or a person, registered in carnet) would accompany the vehicle at the same time. If the owner does not travel with the vehicle, we wish to recommend, that the driver would be authorized by vehicle owner.


The vaccination is not taken for obligatory by local Pakistan Authorities. According to actual version, no HIV Free Certificate is required, entering to Pakistan. Anyway, if the passenger comes to the territory from a country hit by disease epidemy, he is obliged to present a document regarding non-infection, issued in the country of exit. At the entry to the country, the foreigners are controlled, who is coming especially from areas, where yellow fewer is appearing.. Nevertheless, the passengers would be informed in advance about vaccination recommended.

Anyway, we wish to recommend you to check, before leaving, at Consular Section of Pakistan Embassy abroad, if the conditions for entry and stay did not changed in the meantime.

Holders of diplomatic and service passports

No arrangements, regarding cancellation of visa-fees for passport are valid, for the time being. Visa applications undergone the respective charges.

On the other hand, the holders of diplomatic and service passports are entitled to stay in Pakistan without entry visa for time period of 90 days.

In case of longer stay, it is necessary to ask for the respective registration at Ministry of Interior, Islamabad, Block R, Visa Section, or in Karachi, Passport Office. The respective office issues the applicant his written approval. If the stay does not exceed the time period of six months, the approval is issued on printed form. If a stay of such persons will exceed six months, so the holders of diplomatic or service passports obtain Identity Card, with a validity up to three years.

Tourist visas

Tourist visas are valid for the whole territory of Pakistan, with exception of several border, military or mountaneous areas (altitude higher than 6000 metres above sea level), where special permission is required.

The passengers are recommended to contact the respective Pakistan Embassy abroad. The Consular Section Officer could ask the passenger to present his financial means in convertible currency, travel cheques or banking extract, in an amount, corresponding the length and purpose of the trip, and presentation of return air-ticket.

Business visas (within scope of new liberal politics, since October 2000) The businessmen as well as the investors who are able to bring to Pakistan „big investments“, the Pakistan Embassies issue multiply visas, with a validity for three years.

The businessmen who bring the country the amount relating to USD 200.000, they receive multiply visas, for time period of three years.

As a novelty, the Pakistan entry visa could be issued directly at the entry into the country, after presentation of invitation letter of Pakistan partner and recommandation certificate of Trade Ministry or Chamber of Commerce.

Working visas

The citizens, working in Pakistan, could obtain working visas, on base of Working Permit or No Objection Certificate. Both documents must be recommended by Board of Investments in Karachi. This working permit is to be supported by Pakistan Home Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Anyway, this working permit could not be required by foreign representatives leaders and technical staff, if they are profitable employed at private companies in Pakistan, which are registered  as manufacture industrial or infrastructure projects. Working permits are generally issued for time period of 3-5 years or for a passport validity deadline. Working permits for employees representatives or branches of foreign companies are issued only, when this representation or branch are registered at State Bank of Pakistan. These working permits are also issued for time period of 3-5 years, and its prolongation would be possible after operation activity report approval, presented from Board of Investments. Working visas are issued on base of working permits, for time period of three years.


The citizens of 45 countries are not obliged to be registered by police, within scope of new liberal politics, since october 2000.




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