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General Information

Official name:                 The Republic of Panama

Capital:                             Panama

Extent:                              78 200 square kilometres

Population number:      3 000 463

Official language:           Spanish

State organization:        Republic

Main religion:                 Roman Catholics (85%), Protestants (5%)

The highest peak:         Baru (3475 m)

Time:                               Central European Time - 6 hours



Panama is the most in south situated country of all Central American states. It is long and narrow country in a form of „S“ letter, neighbouring in west with Costarica, in the east with Colombia, and in the north, the border is 1160 kms long (with Caribbean Sea), and in south, the border is 1690 kms long (with Pacific coast). The extent of the country corresponds to Czech Republic.


Two mountain ranges are passing throughout the length of Panama, one range in the east, and the second one in west. The highest peak of the country is Baru volcano (3475 m), placed in west province of Chiriqui. The only Panama volcano is  not active but its hot springs along its slopes give the evidence about continuous thermal activity.

In Panama, approx. 480 rivers are flowing, and the country has also 1518 islands along the coast. So, two main groups of islands are those of San Blas and Bocas del Toro on Caribbean part, but most of islands are to be found at Pacific part.

Panama has more than 940 noticed sorts of birds, more than 10 000 sorts of plants and 125 sorts of animals, which are living in this zone only. Here, you can also find 105 sorts of rare and menaced sorts, including red ara parrots, leopards and various sorts of sea turtles.

You can find there 12 national parks, two national sea parks, ten nature reservations and 18 other protected reservations.


Panama has, similarly as the whole Central America, two climate saisons. Dry season (summer) is prevailing there since middle of December till middle of April, and rain time period (winter), since middle April till middle of December.

Regarding precipitation:

it exists big difference. Caribbean part has much more rain as Pacific one. High temperatures are typical for plainlands (average temperatures move around 32 °C during the day, and 21 °C in the night), and in the mountains, rather low temperatures are characteristic (18 °C/10 °C). These temperatures are not changing at all in the course of the year.


Most of 3 millions of inhabitants is formed from cross-breeds (62%), the descendants of Indians and Spaniards. 14% of local inhabitants are of African origin, 10% of Spanish one, and 5% of Indian origin. From several original clans, only seven survived, such as: Kuns, Guaimija, Wounaan, Bokata, Bribri and Teribe.

Regarding religion: Roman-Catholic religion dominates (85%), followed by Protestants (5%), Islam (5%) and Bahai religion (1%).






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