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Travelling by plain

Panama has rather good nest of inland lines. All inland flights from Panama City are leaving from Aeropuerto Narcis A.Galabert, so from Albrook, former military base, close to the port and the Channel. The Aeroperlas is the biggest air-company, securing prevailing part of inland flights.

Travelling by bus

Bus connection of good quality level is functionning into all accessible parts of the country. Inter-city fares are moving from USD 2 up USD 5 except long distance routes, amounting to USD 9 and USD 15.

Travelling by ship

The ships (boats) are operating as main means of transport in some parts of the country, especially in Darien or Comarca de Cuna Provinces, and in Bocas del Toro Islands.

Travelling by car

The traffic rules in the country are practically the same as in United States. Main roads are of good quality level, however, the remote roads are of muddy surface. Nevertheless, the driving in Panama City is near to madness: local drivers ignore completely traffic signs. the traffic lights are nearly missing , and the buses are called as Red Devils (Diablos Rojos).

The rent a car in Panama is not too cheap. You can expect that you pay USD 45. per personal car per a day, or USD 100 per terrain motor vehicle.

Necessary Documents

Entering to Panama, you need a passport, the validity of which must exceed six months at least after a moment when you leave the country. Travelling by motor vehicle, you need driving licence, the documents regarding car ownership and Bill of Lading, provided you travel by ship.

The citizens of European Union do not need entry visas, provided their stay in the country will not be longer as 90 days.

Panama Embassy for Central Europe is situated in Vienna (Austria).

The address is as follows:

Panama Embassy

Elisabethstrasse 4/5/4/10

A-1010 Vienna

Phone: 00431-587 23 47

Fax: 00431-586 30 80

E-mail: mail@empanvienna.co.at


When leaving the country, you are obliged to pay the respective airport tax, amounting to

USD 20.




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