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Travelling by plain

The prices of inland flights are created in competitive milieu of bigger or smaller airflight companies. These bigger ones have rather good reputation. All useful information could be obtained in web-site: www.traficoperu.com, where you can find flight time tables between bigger towns. To best air-fflight companies belong those of Aero Continente and Lan Peru.

Travelling by bus

The buses circulate frequently along main routes. They are comfortable and are most standard means of transport for most of local people of the country, as well as for many tourists. Less frequented routes are served with old and less comfortable buses, where a lack of place for your feet could be reserved, this is a problem of tall persons. Cruz del Sur and Ormeno belong to biggest local bus agencies.

Travelling by cycle

The cycling is, no doubt, more safe and more pleasant way of transport, especially outside main roads. The use of mountain bikes is more suitable, as the standard bike would not „survive“ bad state of roads in Peru. Main cities, where the bicycles are leased for local cyclists´ use, are at the places, such as. Huaraz, Huancayo and Cuzco.

Travelling by train

Private Peru railway company - Perurail - makes a service of trains from Cuzco to Aguas Calientes (direction Machu Picchu) several times a day, and from Cuzco to Puna - three times a week. During summer holiday period, the connection from Lima to Huancayo is in operation. This route reaches the altitude of 4781 metres above sea level.

Documents necessary

Travelling to Peru, you need a passport, the validity of which would be at least for six months, after you leave the country. The international vaccination card is not, with some exceptions, required. Provided your document would be stolen, the respective Embassy is ready to issue a copy. Anyway, we wish to recommend you to check in advance, before you leave, whether the conditions for entry and stay in the country did not changed in the meantime. The citizens of European Union do not need entry visa for tourist trips. Anyway, the length of your stay in Peru does not exceed 90 days.

The types of visas, necessary for the entry to Peru are, as follows:

a) tourist - not necessary

b) business visa - up to 90 days of stay

c) student visa - up to 90 days of stay

d) journalist visa - up to 90 days of stay

e) transit visa for two days, the prolongation is possible to be done for 15 days

If you require business visa: you are obliged to present a document, issued by Chamber of Commerce or by private entrepreneur assotiation of traveller´s country, where the intended commercial or business activity and purpose are stressed, within scope of his stay in Peru.

When leaving the country, the traveller is obliged to present the confirmation, that the respective taxes - from possible profit - were paid, or to make written sworn declaration that the subject in question did not have in Peru any tax- or other obligations against the State of Peru.

At the issue of student visa, you need to present, except confirmation of education institution in Peru, the locality where the studies will be effected. Entering the country (at border crossing or just in a board of the plain) each foreigner obtains so called „entry ticket“ (Tarjeta de Embarque/Desembarque), and it is necessary to fill in both part of this document. The Passport Officer stamps both parts (the traveller obtains its second part and leaves it back to the Officer in a moment of his departure). In case of loss or pilferage, the matter is solved by administrative penalty.

When travelling by motor vehicle, the international driving licence, technical confirmation, regarding the vehicle, the security police, isssued by Peruan insurance company or international insurance company, accepted in Peru (which cover all damages caused in case of traffic accident) are required officially.

So called announcing duty for police is not introduced in Peru, if the stay is planned for maximally term of 90 days. In case of longer stay, the traveller is obliged to ask for visa prolongation at the respective migration office.

When leaving Peru, you have to present „leaving card“. If you travel by plain, you are obliged to pay airport tax, which makes - in case of international flights - USD 30,25 and in case of internal flights, the amount of USD 6,05.




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