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CZ: Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) In Winter
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Published: 7.3.2011

No doubt, it has no sense to present this world known Czech spa. Despite this fact, Karlovy Vary has, especially its balneology zone along Teplá-river, its magic during any season of the year. When you visit this town after couple of years, so unpleasant cold February weather makes no trouble to you. Visiting known places, taking some warm at several springs, bringing the health (not only thermal ones), marching on colonnades (where the stars of world film were walking) or, eventually, not forgetting to taste traditional sweets in coffee with gold elephant on frontal facade. At each step, you meet something new and unknown to you.

So, some unusual contrast of past and nearly deserted buildings in the neighbourhood (with decorated portals of reconstructed hotels) would surprise you, but mainly Russian language is surrounding you everywhere - in inscriptions and on posters (billboards) as well as in shops could address the clients with their „broken“ Czech - Russian version, or with Czech language, including expressive Russian accent.

And, as far as the most pleasant experience is concerned? Military barracks, where I lost some months of my young days, do not exist any more.

Text/photo: Jiří Výborný

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