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Prague Intercup 2010
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Published: 11.9.2010

Provided you could not visit 9th National and International Review of thoroughbred Arabian horses, we presentsome photos, as presented below:

The horses, not only from neighbouring countries, but also from Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Morocco, arrived to Císařský Ostrov in Prague. Princess Alia Al Hussein from Jordan and Prince Khaled Al Saud from Saudi Arabia were present there as honourable guests.

A couple of interesting facts:

The following parametres are valuated at these thoroughbred horses:

- minimal cock height 152 cm in case of mares, and 154 cms in case of stallions

- a scale 1-10 is being used at valuation

- seven signs are being valuated, such as type, head, neck, total body construction, limbs, step, trot. The same valuation is being made at mares and at stud-horses.

Photo: Štěpánka Svobodová


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