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Digi Compact: What To Consider When Choosing

Published: 25.6.2012
Different people prefer different approaches. Someone selects due to the colour and design, according to the price one must use a special supply action, others are looking for a specific user functions. But probably all aware that the purchase be sure to think that we should have it very soon regret.

Selected technical features of digi compacts

The three most important parts of digital compact that sharing and the resulting image quality, the image sensor, an electronic circuit with a processor and lens.


The sensor is the most spoken mainly in connection with its resolution. It is stated in millions of pixels (million pixels, megapixels, megapixels) and is directly related to the size and quality of the captured image (or video). The higher the resolution, the larger the image the device acquires and captures more detail. However, image quality is also linked to the light sensitivity in general, the lighting colour of various kinds, and other influencing factors. It should be borne in mind that at present, although even small compacts ordinary resolution sensors 10, 14 and 16 megapixels, which allows you to print only format prints 20 × 30 cm and 30 × 40 cm, but larger, but most of these sensors cameras are very small, and it corresponds to the total reproductive characteristics of the resulting images.

Table and brief article on the resolutions based on the size of the processed format, visit the following link: http://www.tisk-fotografie.cz/index.php/velkoform/piprava-fotografie/79-doporuena-rozlienin



To a sensor segment follows the transducer, which converts analog signals into digital data. The processor will process and consequently are most often in graphic format JPEG stored on the memory card. The processor is involved in image quality, such as colour, the width of dynamic range or the elimination of the digital image noise when using high sensitivity or long shutter speeds.

Digital Camera designed for demanding users as well as allows you to save a digital SLR camera raw image files processor. The raw data we can RAW appropriate program to edit and convert the image format (TIFF, JPEG, ...) on your computer. Some cameras allow you to perform this process directly, using its internal control systems and on display, but prepare for the possibility of using a powerful computer, a preview on the big screen and breadth of options that we offer the appropriate programs. However, this is a separate topic for discussion.


The lens' draws a picture. "Its importance for creating photographs is crucial. High-quality lens has good brightness, good blade and has a good resolution, which is important for the transmission of tonal contrast and fine image details with the help of optical design, the aberration removed, does not distort the image and is well treated coated. True, there is quite a perfect lens, but for compact digital cameras that have built-in exceptions to the so-called zoom lens, a lens with variable focal length, you will mainly deal with what the range is suitable for your purposes.- The focal length is 35mm in size 45-55 mm (Thinking middle, 50 mm as well as stray) with 45-47 ˚ angle of view. These parameters correspond most closely to the human perspective, that is our vision.

A shorter focal length lenses are wide, which occupy more space in the picture and we should be easier to fit a group of people, even when we are in a relatively small interior.-

Longer back focus allows us to bring distant objects, which can´t come closer or set aside a major element of the neighborhood and dramatically blur the background, which again emphasizes the main subject of our photographic interest.

The compacts are now common standard zoom with triple, quadruple and five-time approach. We can give a concrete example of a triple optical zoom: if the shortest focal point 35 mm, then 3 × optical zoom lets you zoom = 105 × 3 mm. Are offered as well as models with 5 -, 7 - and 8 x zoom, and often start at wide-angle 28 mm, or very wide, and 25 and 24 mm. "Pocket" and a little more compact with "ultra zoom" with wider opportunities to use 10 -, 12 - and 15x optical zoom and some great high-end models have 20 -, 30 - and now even multiple ultra zoom. World record holding a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, which has a lens with extreme 35x optical zoom 4.3 to 150.5 mm USM 1:2,7-5,8 VCM; focal length range for conversion to 35mm equivalent 24-840 mm.

This article was published in cooperation by Digitální studio a Oehling

Read the full version please: www.oehlingakademie.cz  (http://www.oehlingradce.cz/fotoradce/fr.asp?tab=fotoradce&id=88&burl=&pt=RAKO)

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