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Priceless snapshots

Published: 31.8.2013
Wedding is the most beautiful day in woman's life. Perhaps every women imagines her fairy-tale wedding and perfect man of her life.

I was also lucky that I got married after a three-year relationship. Today, you can hire an agency that would take care of everything, or you can arrange wedding according to your own imagination and thus you can enjoy all pre-wedding preparations. Right at the beginning, me and my boyfriend agreed on priorities of our “D-Day”. And we didn’t want to make any compromises on the dress, photographer, and place. Regardless the price, these three things are the most important for our wedding day. I had picked my photographer on the wedding fair and I had also monitored his web a Facebook page. I watched his work and I fell in love with it. His photos are clear and impressive. They capture extraordinary moments you will remember until you die. Our grandchildren will look at these photos and I hope they will admire beauty of their grandma :o).

Petr Pelucha

Our wedding day had come. Everything was according to our plan and photographer arrived precisely at time. I had thought he would need my assistance, but the only thing he asked about was where were my dress, shoes and ring. Before I realized what was happening he disappeared with his assistant somewhere out. Few minutes later he came back and began shooting preparations. I even didn’t know he was there. It is good to let things happen naturally and we wondered what he managed to capture. This is the real beauty of it. Even when you try to enjoy everything to its fullest, some moments just pass by. Because of this there is a photographer who manage to be with you before the ceremony, next by you and then, perhaps on a platform to make a picture of you from above. Then you just wonder how he could do this all. He can capture so many beautiful moments.

Petr Pelucha

During all of this he even took care of my fluid intake. Our wedding took place in a garden below Prague Castle. It was a hot day, the Sun shined. The photographer, like some English gentleman, gave me a glass with water and then he disappeared to shoot. I was very grateful to him at this moment. After the ceremony he made a group photo and the photo of us. The photographer arranges the shooting himself and his kind assistant was of great help to him as she was to me. You wouldn’t guess it, but the wedding flower could weight even 2 kilograms and your wedding dress also. Then you appreciate any help. After the lunch, there was another shooting. This time it was a walk in Paris street. It is unbelievable what things the kind assistant has in her purse.

Petr Pelucha

For the shooting during which the bride sits on the pavement, he gladly handle a towel, water. In such a hot day hair clasp stop working so he becomes a hairdresser and kindly helps you with your haircut. He also straightens a long train to make the bride look absolutely perfect. The cooperation between the photographer and his assistant was top notch. They are your best friends for the day and they take care of you. I really appreciated this, for the wedding day and the preparations were really strenuous. I was the bride who really enjoyed her day.

The photos of the best day of your life will be with you until you die. These are the best memories you can have in your hands. You can see faces of your closest on them, you can look how they looked like when you were getting married. How they smiled or cried. These things are priceless.  

Photo: Petr Pělucha www.pelucha.cz



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