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CZ, Berchtold – Vidovice Chateau: Trip to Fairytale - VIDEO

Published: 25.3.2014
Small but perfect romantic Berchtold chateau is located in Kunice-Vidovice, approximately 25 kilometers from Prague.


Who would in the village where lives a little more than a thousand of inhabitants, be looking for such a cozy and "pimped" residence as Berchtold... The castle was rebuilt into a hotel, but offers not only accommodation. It is well equipped for guests who come to Vidovice have fun, learn, eat well, or sport.

Berchold Chateau is not exactly the largest. It is rather one of these mansions where the owners put great attention to detail than to its volume. After all, what one really needs to be satisfied? Clean and comfortable room with a good bed, good health and something good to eat. This is probably a thing to which the noble family of Vidice stuck to. Castle and its grounds has been mentioned since 1877. Until then it was just a farm with a yard that belonged to near town of Velke Popovice.


The last of the owners was the house of Berchtolds

One could talk a long time about the family who managed the chateau and who lived there. Let us say just the essentials. In 1894, the chateau was bought by the Milners. They made significant modifications and joined the park to the castle. The Berchtolds are also irreplaceable in the history of the chateau. They were one in the long list of chateau’s administrators on one hand, on the other they were exceptional for what they did. Despite their good position and having a plenty of everything, they were allegedly sympathetic to the suffering of others and they really tried to help them.



An interesting figure is the last of the family, Otakar Berchtold, who was murdered on the way from the hunt in Tyn nad Vltavou. He was one of the first buyers of the Laurin & Klement car. He owned the chateau in Vidovice between 1910 - 1918. Family crest and the family name as well is today a symbol of the chateau. The Berchtolds were the last owners before the post WW2 nationalization.

The communist regime then treated the chateau with indignity. Rich nobleman were replaced by the Czechoslovak Army, specifically Prague’s air defense. Since 1990, the community of Vidovice took care of the chateau. Not until 2005 the chateau was sold to private owners and reconstructed in its present form. Berchold got one new wing, even the chateau park expanded and received Na Zamecku sports center.


Berchtold of the present belongs to the people

Today Berchold chateau, whose patron is the football legend Antonin Panenka, a place of business meetings, family celebrations and weddings, but also a place of relaxation, sport and entertainment. Good cuisine should be part of every good chateau. A great soup for a very reasonable price suggests that the chef in Vidovice is no amateur.

Within the complex, which includes a magical garden full of fairytale characters, castle minituares, palaces, or train stations, also leashed dogs are allowed there. At Berchold chateau there are several exhibitions for visitors, but also scooter rental, trampoline or a mini-zoo. Also, an interesting is an information board with Czech monuments include in the UNESCO list.


Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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