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CZ, Brandys nad Labem-Chateau: Residence of Important Rulers - VIDEO

Published: 25.2.2014
The chateau in Brandys nad Labem had liked most significant Czech sovereigns. Bred him so that at his summer residence near Prague felt as possible. Now the result of their effort is available to us, the ordinary folk.

All of the Hapsburgs visited Brandys chateau. In temperate landscape stretching around the shores of the Elbe used to go hunting Charles IV with his entire entourage. Marie Theresa even fell in love in Brandys when she as a little girl met Francis Stephen of Lorraine, her future husband. The list of historically significant people who had visited the chateau located on the Elbe is very long.

Today, Brandysky chateau is a frequently visited place. Only instead of kings, earls and ladies, it is frequently visited by tourists the entourages of whom are usually not so spectacular. While the tour itself - it is therefore interesting. Moreover – Brandysky chateau is open all year! In winter it is open on weekends, in summer nonstop, except Monday.

Brandýs nad Labem - zámekBrandýs nad Labem - zámekBrandýs nad Labem - zámek

Brandýs nad Labem - zámek

The chateau is administered by the city of Brandys nad Labem. It takes maintains both its exterior as well as interior. Restored chamber of emperors, along with guide’s commentary sparks imagination of visitors which takes visitors more easily into the times of Rudolph II or the last Czech king Charles I.

Golden times of Rudolph II .

The colorful clock tower seems as to proclaim that this is an extraordinary piece of architecture. Although Brandysky chateau is mostly of renaissance style, it isa perfect showcase of all architectural style. However, Renaissance in Brandys is prevalent. A distinctive feature of the on the castle walls are sgraffitos depicting biblical and hunting motives. The golden time of the castle and its inhabitants was during the rule of Rudolph II. In this time period also the most significant building blocks of Brandys chateau were made. The Emperor made sure the residence would have everything to be comfortable.

Brandýs nad Labem - zámekBrandýs nad Labem - zámekBrandýs nad Labem - zámek

Brandýs nad Labem - zámek

Brandýs nad Labem - zámekBrandýs nad Labem - zámekBrandýs nad Labem - zámek

Also the castle garden was to be his place of refuge, or rather hiding spot shielding him from obligations of the ruler. Also, it was a place where he reganed energy. Unfortunately, his work was destroyed by the Thirty Years War. The castle was then nearly destroyed. Today, the famous Rudolphine era in the garden resembles a balustrade and Mannerist terrace. Rudolph II used to come from the castle to the garden by a walkway leading over the moat. Rather than politics devoted to hunting and invited to visit, a very rare and very wise. Among those of Rudoplh II in Brandys nad Labem visited was necessary Tycho Brahe or Thaddeus Hajek. The story of the visit of the famous astronomer is well known from the movie Pekaruv Cisar. Brandýs nad Labem - zámek

But it is worth looking at the "thing" in this chateau from really really close. Walk in the moat, the castle gardens and recharge your energy inside the chateau and gain knowledge. You may see the first floor, in the corridors and in areas where the Emperor Rudolph II received visitors, or the chambers of Charles I and Empress Zita, where is a historical exhibition. Visitors of Brandys chateau canl also gain insight into the study scientists and travelers Ludwig Salvator of Tuscany, castle library and picture gallery.

Brandýs nad Labem - zámek

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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