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CZ: Komorní Hrádek U Chocerad - Cultural Monument

Published: 29.7.2011
Komorní Hrádek is situated in Central Bohemia Region, at Sázava-river, approx. one kilometer distant from the community of Chocerady and ten kilometres from Benešov.

This castle is not open for public. Anyway, during Days of European Heritage, i.e. one day in the first half of September, the gate will be open for visitors.Since 1991, these „open days“ are regularly taken place in the Czech Republic. Within scope of organized guided tours, the visitors have the chance to make acquaintance with castle´s history, from its foundation up to present time. The castle is a property of Defence Ministry, Education Centre.

The first historical notice about stone castle on this territory are dated to 1300, whereas as the first owner of this „Small Castle“, was Ondrej of Hrádek. Within string of events, i.e. during Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classic and Romantism periods, Komorní Hrádek undergone several construction as well as artistic changes: from small castle surrounded with standard fortification, to more comfortable seat. The changes were improved consequently, including castle park and adjoining environs. However, at the beginning of 20th century, the importance of the castle as well as a care dropped, especially during nationalized period of Communism. On the other hand, the change to better era  came (especially as far as the care is concerned), after 1989.


When the 2nd World War was over, the castle was nationalized, and was in proprietorship of Ministry for Agriculture. After ten years, the building was handed over to administration of actual tenant – i.e. Defence Ministry, concretely since 29th June 1954. The seat was mostly used for educational and training programms of Czechoslovak Army, followed by the Army of the Czech Republic (at present it is Defence Ministry Educational and Training Centre).

Till 1989, several reconstruction works and arrangements were effected inside area of Komorní Hrádek,mainly during 1980-1989. It was done, first of all, in order to increase the respective accommodation capacity and for specific needs of army background. However, big part of interferences was done, irrespective of valuable historical sections of this seat. Just after 1989, the situation improved, as the castle was taken for cultural monument, and conception character of the building and its use changed in essential way. Within 1989-1990, the restore works of wall paintings and stucco ceilings were effected, followed by - during 1999-2001 - successfull reconstructions directed to statics.

Regarding interiors, the visitors have the possibility to see Knight´s Hall (the walls have preserved decoration of Renaissance style to 17th century), Conference Hall (here, original fireplace stove, decorated with glazed tiles, is to be found), Music Room, Blue Room (with original casket floor of 1902 and wall paintings of very high historical value), Golden Room (with stucco ceiling, including hunting´s motifs), Dutch Room (the walls are decorated with paintings, containing brocade patterns), Arsenal (here, you can admire Adam of Wallenstein escutcheons and the pictures, presenting battles where Eugene di Savoia was participated), Castle Kitchen and  Castle Chapel (with organs of 1935. Now, this musical instrument serves to divine services and concerts). Since 2009, the interiors of separate rooms and corridors are decorated with animal hunting trophys from all over the world. These artefacts come from a collection of Miloš Fišer, passionate huntsman. As the main dominantas of castle park belong, except natural elements, also basin, grotta (an artificial cave), water reservoir, garden altan and Virgin Mary Pilgrim´s Chapel.


Komorní Hrádek Defence Ministry Educational Centre

257 24 Chocerady



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CZ: Komorní Hrádek
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