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CZ, The Junction Of The Elbe Cidlinou: Magic Connection Of Two Rivers - VIDEO

Published: 17.7.2012
This time we will take you out of city, but not too far from it. We will take you to the junction of two rivers - the Elbe and Cidlina, but also to the place, that has, God knows why, irresistible charm.

Even the absence of hills has its positives

In the Elbe plane, seemingly boring, do not have one fear that he would stand in the way of nature something that really wants to fight, but eventually most teams as the view from above, the view from above. Of course, we are talking about the hills.

Here, not far from Poděbrady and Libice above Cidlina, you must be inventive, if you want to see something. It is possible to climb to one of the centuries-old trees, whose long line of shore line was left in places where the two rivers merged into one - the Elbe. A hundred meters further downstream, where it is reflected in its waters Poděbrady castle, you can, even if a ban, to climb the bridge, through which leads a kind of pipe. Priceless is just a short pause on it, alone or with someone close.

soutok Labe s Cidlinousoutok Labe s Cidlinousoutok Labe s Cidlinou

soutok Labe s Cidlinou

Two rivers, two pubs

But the most pleasant is to be among the people. They usually stay in vicinity the confluence of the Elbe and Cidlina. From Podebrady there leads few kilometres long pleasant walk along the Elbe river and floodplain forests. It is ideal for everyone - bikers, skaters, spa visitor or everybody, who can´t afford to rush somewhere, if not a day off. Another option to get to the junction is mini train with the tram sound or steamer boat. Steamer boat goes from Poděbrady castle almost every hour, depending on how full it can be concluded that the operation of steam navigation King George, is the value for the city.

soutok Labe s Cidlinou

Near restaurant Cidlina that there is working with short breaks for decades, boat King George left holidaymakers. Some of them wear the skates, but most of them just head to the local pub, which is but the last few years, strong competition in a small kiosk "Near the ferry." Wooden benches and tables close to the shore of the river Cidlina last meters, the smell of fresh fish or grilled meat and friendly service is also their lead. Mainly fishermen found in this charming kiosk ideal background, so the rods sometimes for hours to get by themselves.

soutok Labe s Cidlinou

soutok Labe s Cidlinousoutok Labe s Cidlinousoutok Labe s Cidlinou

Studying trail Skupice - Huslík

To miss the astray, let's go back to the trail Skupice - Huslík. Also Skupice – bay of Elbe fishermen likes. Catches from its, not too crystalline water, can conjure up a smile worthy of a hunter. Catch said there can carp, crucian American, bullhead, bleak, perch, roach, bream, pike, asp, zander, grass or tolstolbik - just there to fish beyond belief. The trail that takes you through six information boards in the spring is light yellow irises blooming, the water level then water lilies or another. Floodplain forests are full of the sea anemones, lungwort, nettles, chervil and impatiens. In contrast with strong memorable oaks are these tiny flowers like David and Goliath.

soutok Labe s Cidlinousoutok Labe s Cidlinousoutok Labe s Cidlinou

soutok Labe s Cidlinou

Speaking of the analysis of flora and fauna - most probably meet at the confluence with the dogs after them would come around to a number of ducks in a row to start the holidays to the rule still dragging small flocks. We did not meet Swan none, but it would be strange if there any of them had no home there. In the area of ​​floodplain forest ornithologists saw a kingfisher or even a golden eagle.

 soutok Labe s Cidlinou

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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