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CZ: Týnec Nad Sázavou - Wareman' Resort

Published: 22.7.2011
This community, located along left as well as right bank of Sázava-river, with many weirs and old mills, is 35 kilometres distant from capital Prague amd 10 kilometres from Benešov, district town. The word „Týnec“ was derived from the expression "zatýněný" – i.e. fortificated locality.

Thanks to its rich history and surrounding afforested countryside, the locality is very popular amoung tourists, and especially among watermen.

As a town, Týnec was declared in 1969, owing to local infrastructure and industrial production. The community consists of seven local quarters, such as: Brodce, Čakovice, Chrást nad Sázavou, Krusičany, Pecerady, Podělusy and Zbořený Kostelec. Totally, Týnec has approx. 5000 inhabitants.


Týnec is, first of all, well known watermen and tourist centre „Bisport“. This institution secures rent for watermen and bikers. Each year, local camping is full of visitors, with many enthusiastic watermen. Around Sázava-river, you can fully enjoy marvellous outlook at the nature, crossed with forest and field paths. The building of social centre and hotel building at one part of Masaryk bridge form town centre. Here, you can take participation, except concerts, exhibitions or celebrations (Týnecký střep, Týnec Musical Summer) also on garden meetings or balls. This community has small historical nucleus and a quarter of dwelling houses. In general, Týnec nad Sázavou is surrounded with very nice nature, forests and Sázava-river, flowing around.


Týnec Castle belongs to most important historical monuments of the locality. In past, the castle was burnt out several times, reconstructed, and devastated again. At present, you can find there Týnec Museum, with collections of local stone-ware (pottery) and archeological collections. Preserved stone rotunda of Romanesque style, ancient seat of Premysl Parentage, comes of 12th century. It is ancient Bohemian monument of citadellic character. Now, it is accessible as an outlook to Posázaví countryside and Benešov. In 1812, František Josef of Vrtba, an owner of Týnec and Konopiště Castle, let to build here an extensive factory building – actual Týnec Social Centre Complex. Along the road towards Benešov, St. Juda and Tadeas cemetery Gothic church of 14th century, reconstructed in Baroque style, is to be found.


Ing. František Janeček, world-known Prague manufacturer and founder of modern factory(actual Metaz Ltd.) deserved well of the development of industrial production in Týnec. He founded there also JAWA Factory, producing motor-cycles. JAWA is the oldest Czech company, (founded in 1929) well-known with manufacturing, service and sale of motorcycles and its spare parts. This company is operating successfully till now, despite small number of its employees.

Leasure Time Activities

Except watermen centre, so called Rope Park is placed in close neighbourhood inside head of trees, accross Sázava-river. On the opposite bank, lawn tennis courts are situated.

Konopiště Castle is 8 kilometres distant. You can visit this monument on foot, or by bike, following cycling route. The ruins of Zbořený Kostelec Castle are worth to be visited as well. (2 kilometres distant). You can enjoy its romantic panorama, and was also as a model for artistic works. However, at present, this ruin is falling slowly into decay.

Text/photo: Nika Staňková

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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