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Kouty stronghold

Published: 1.3.2009
In past stronghold, now the ruins of several walls, all this is to be found in the middle of small pond, created by filling up of a mould. Small island, where the ruins are located, has its widest diameter of 18 metres, the pond has the diameter of 27 metres.

In spite of the fact that the stronghold rests are preserved up to the height of first floor only, (you distinguish here the windows and entrances), the place has its great charm. The ruins are fortress Koutyovergrown with moss, and everywhere there are places with a lot of green. The place is most beautiful within spring and autumn. This building, powerful in past, was consisted of two parts. It was a courtyard, fenced with stone wall and powerfull defensive as well as inhabitated towers, connected by draw-bridge with a bank. Even names of some stronghold-owners  are so poetic, similarly as this locality in general. The stronghold is mentioned for the first time in 1368 (similarly, as Předota and Slavomir, coming from Němčice and Sedlec Thane Parentage). In 1396, the stronghold owner was Jarohnev Vejhak of Křečovice. So, his descendants handed over this property from generation to generation till middle of 16th century. This parentage was divided into branches of Koutsky of Kout and Křečov of Křečovice. On break of 15th and 16th centuries, the owners decided to extend this fortress Koutybuilding, so they let to fill up a part of water moat, so that a place for next buildings could be free. The construction was finished in 1546.

Elizabeth Bendova of Kouty is further known owner of Kouty stronghold. She dedicated this property (after her death in 1574), to Elizabeth Voracicka. Her husband, Borek Nepolisky, decided to sell the stronghold. So, in 1600, the building obtained new owner, George Vít of Rzava. However, he did not stayed here for long time, as the building was bought in 1606 by Kunka Talmberg of Říčany. Her husband, Jan Talmberg, owned neighbouring community of Smilkov, so, later, Kouty was offered and sold as a part of Smilkov dominion. However, the stronghold started to fall into decay consequently, as new owners did not stay here at all. Anyway, the building was complete just in the course of 18th century, the walls were demolished later, in 1813.

fortress KoutyStronghold Kouty is to be found in Kouty-village, in a distance of 3 kms approx. from the town of Votice. Provided you travel here by car, would you go via Smilkov, and turn to the right in Kouty. The pond with small island is to be found approx. 100 metres from crossroad. For your walk on foot, you can start from Votice, Komenský Square, following green marked tourist trail. Just in Kouty, there is bus stop. If you travel by train, you leave the train in railway stations of Votice or Heřmaničky, and follow yellow marked tourist trail. Entrance into stronghold ruins is free of charge.


Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Packač.2č.3, mani

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