Published: 21.7.2008
Lipnice castle was founded along merchant route from the town of Havlíčkův Brod to Humpolec. This fact brought to Lipnice unique position among Bohemian castles.

Ctibor of Lipnice, (Cimburk-Parentage), is taken as the founder. Later, the castle was bought by Raymond of Lichtenburg (Ronov-Parentage). In 1370, Lipnice became an ownership of King Charles IV. However, he had to mortgage it to Nobles of Poděbrady and Kunštát in 1376, and shortly afterthat, the Nobles of Landstein got the castle. At the beginning of 15th century, the castle changed its owners again. Cenek of Wartenberg, an important political personality of previous-Hussite time period, became a new proprietor.


When Hussite wars were over, Trčka Parentage obtained the castle. They made a centre of extended dominion here. Burian Trčka of Lipa deserved well of late Gothical reconstruction of the castle. Wenceslas and Peter, both masters, who ruled the respective works, orientated for Saxonia from artistic point of view. After Burian´s death, Nicholas and John, his inheritors, continued in works. So, the castle got its Gothic and Renaissance face consequently.

This castle acts in monumental way from first view. You can see it in palace largeness (40x20 metres) with enormous hall in ground floor. Even powerful fortification with two bastions does not miss, whereas corner bastion served for gun placement. Adam Erdmann was last one of Trčka Parentage who had the castle in his ownership. However, he lost this property by confiscation for ever. In 1634, Matthias, baronet of Verner, obtained the castle into


ownership (as a reward for his loyal services to the Emperor). Later, however, the castle was not looked after, ao, the building deserted consequently within 18th century. Finally, in 1869, came the destruction in a form of big fire. Till 1945, the Club of Bohemian Tourists looked after the castle reconstructions. Consequently, the state became the castle-owner and Monuments´ Care started to repair the stabilization of critical parts of the castle. So, bigscale reconstruction started simce 1970.

Lipnice-castle is also connected with history of Czech literature. Writer Jaroslav Hašek stayed here and wrote in spot his life work – Good Soldier Svejk Destiny – and also several short stories. A small house situated  near to the castle, reminds his stay here, and the visitor can see also writer´s memorial.

Opening time table:

January-March: closed

April: on Saturdays and Sundays only: 10,00 – 16,00 h, tours each hour

May-July: Tuesdays-Sundays: 10,00 – 16,00 h, tours each hour, closed on Mondays

July-August: Tuesdays-Sundays: 9,00 – 18,00 h,continuous tours, closed on Mondays

September-October: on Saturdays and Suindays only: 10,00 – 16,00 h

November-December: closed

Last tour starts one hour before closing time.

Entrance tickets:

Sightseeing free - basic rate:                                           CZK 40,-

                              reduced rate (pensioners):                CZK 30,-

                              reduced rate (childrem, students)      CZK 20,-

Tour time: 60 minutes approx.

Sightseeing tour is effected without guides.

Text: Maxim Kucer

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Matěj Baťha, č.2, Dezidor, č.2, č.3, č.4, č.5, č.6

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