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Okoř Castle: Sad History And Merry Future

Published: 6.7.2010
"There is the only way to Okoř Castle!" The author of this people´s song wrote the text in such skilful way that it could be perfectly applicated for actual situation.


Especially, in such case, when you decide to visit the castle ruin by car, not far distant from Prague, following so called „South Communication Line“, you would be smiling, as soon as you arrive to castle ruins, surrounded with line of trees…

Offensive for Fairytale Castle

Small village of Okoř is inhabitated with couple of tens of persons only. And they are keeping well, indeed. Their houses are well arranged, the gardens are perfectly kept. Behind soccer playground, you can see grandiose castle ruins. „I like this place very much, it is a pity that crowds of people come within summer months!“,an old man is smiling, living here for years. In the meantime, the wind is moving with white ribbon, instructing the visitors: „Do not enter this area!“ The ribbon is of the same character, as used by police units. But frankly speaking, this ribbon serves as a barriere for children, trying in a form of a play, to besiege this „Fairytale Castle“. So, just from this reason, the pilgrimage stands are placed there for the time being.

Ruins of Okoř

Zakolansky brookruins of Okorruins of Okor

No lights are glooming inside Okoř Castle, or how is Okoř like…

Although Okoř is our common historical heritage, since 1948, its administration is in charge of state. And it is necessary to pay for such care. In case of Okoř, the entrance ticket costs: adults CZK 55,- children, pensioners or students are to pay CZK 35,-. Anyway, the key for entrance is to be found in ticket office. Ticket administrator is exclusively unlocking castle gate. Now, you can study the necessary history information from leaflet, and have 30 minutes limit for ruins´ investigation available. You have to be back on spot precisely during stipulated time limit.

nothing but riuns

How was it in past?

In the meantime, you have pleanty of time to investigate all castle corners. It is not known exactly, who let to build the castle. Regarding possible speculations, it could be Frank Rokycansky, local Prague profiteer, who let the castle constructed probably in 1359. Nevertheless, Okoř was situated on this place a couple of years sooner. Rokycanský Parentage left the castle (upon uncleared circumstances) in 1390. And afterthat, many owners changed in castle possession.

way to Okor in Winter

Nevertheless, Okoř Castle ruins were in proprietorship of former Study and Foundation Fund of Tuchoměřice. However, this instritution stopped the care for the building. Later, in 1878, the divine services could not be organized in a chapel, owing to very bad condition of the building. Three years later, vaulted ceiling fell down. Shortly after this accident, local people took the care for the castle, so, Okoř became a welcome source of building material. Anyway, at present, on the contrary, the same local inhabitants do their best, on order to rescue all, what remained, and the ruins could serve to all in the future. So as a result, Music Festival „Okoř“ is organized there. Vast parking place was made, and the people try to work up the level of local pubs or confectionaries. A label: „Welcome everybody who comes with good ideas!“, placed at the border of the community, could be understood, in context of all, mentioned above, as a warning to those who could bring some iniquitous intentions.

Maybe, if local people in past could have a little of common responsability, as the actual persons have it at present, the Czechs could have another Křivoklát Castle. Who knows?

ruins of Okor  ruins of Okor  sign for cyclists

Text: Klára Svobodová

Translation. ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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