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Ostrá - Botanicus

Published: 23.7.2007
If you have an intention do do a romantique pleasure trip with a little of history, would you visit small village Ostrá not far from Lysá nad Labem. You will be welcomed by historical centre of Botanicus, offering events for all age-generations. The entrance is not allowed for dogs only.

This centre was established in 1999 on spot of previous dumping place. The aim of  this construction is to create the atmosphere for traditional handicrafts which formed inevitable parts of the life of our ancestors, missing in the present time.

Entering  to this area you change the current money for pennies (groše) - (rate of exchange: 1 penny = CZK 10,-). As you see, in the Middle Ages there were absolutely not known our present  means of payment (i.e. Czech Crown). Having new money available, you can start your trip to the past. You see small wooden houses, demonstrating inside the handicrafts of the past era - as these are potters, wire-workers, rope-makers, paper-worker, etc. You can produce, for a small fee, soap, candle or other decoration objects. This is a pleasant work but quite slow. Especially so, if it is your first product of this kind. Provided you are-during hard manual works – hungry, no problem - the Middle Ages feast place is available.

You can take a refreshment (you are recommended to taste especially the Celtic pancakes from buckwheat flour) which is being prepared from raw materials, growing in the gardens nearby. The gardens are full of vegetables, herbs, decorating flowers and trees. All these odours and colours present to you a space for relax during the pleasant day.

Whereas you relax under the favoured tree or make photos, eventually choose which flower would be the most useful for a picture, your children can go to the cattle-yard and count the sheep or „disappear“ in the nature-labyrinth. If you, after investigation of the whole area, after taking advantage of all events and after purchase of souvenirs, do not have the idea to return home, would you turn your steps to the pond, situated not distant from the historical centre.

Text/foto: Štěpánka Svobodová



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