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Published: 5.10.2007
First notices about town of Kladno are of 1318 and are connected with Kladenský-parentage. They were alternated in middle of 16th century by Žďárský-parentage and Kladno was raised for small town.

Kladno City HallThis biggest town of Central Bohemia is situated 25 kms in northwestern direction of Prague, surrounded by forests and flowing through of several brooks. Kladno has 110000 inhabitants, in a surface of 37 square kilometres. In 1561 Kladno has obtained a privilege to arrange two years´ markets and has got also its escutcheon: divided blue shield with half of silber eagle and a lynx. The town changed several owners. Kladno, a restaurant and observation towerAnn-Mary Franziska, Grand-Duchess of Tuscany. sold in 1705 Kladno-dominion to Benedictines of Břevnov-Broumov Abbey. The town was in their possession till 1848. In 1870 Kladno became a town and in 1898 the title of King´s Upper Mining Town was granted. During reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I., in 1914, the tower´s escutcheon  increased in two silber hammers with a gold ribbon. However, the Nazi occupation stopped town´s development and Gestapo of Kladno Kladno, a former chemistparticipated even on Lidice - destruction. In opposite, many Kladno-people fighted in Foreign Armies for liberation of Czechoslovakia.

In 1941 to the town there were joined the communities of Kročehlavy, Dubí, Dříň, Újezd and Rozdělov, in 1950 Vrapice, and finally in 1980 Švermov. Kladno was occupied later again, with Red Army in 1968. In 1960 and 1970 there were built several constructions for sport and free time of inhabitants.

Kladno RozdelovThe question of life-environment is being solved from 2001, some new parks and reconstructions are being made. You find several historical monuments in town. So called „Upper stronghold“ was re-built in 16th century in Neo-Renaissance style, and in middle of 18th century in Baroque castle. At present, there is placed here Castle Gallery and a branch of town´s library. On a square of Mayor Pavel it is situated Neo-Renaissance Town Hall, built in 1898-1898.

Kladno chapel. FlorianNow, it is a seat of Municipal Authorities and other institutions. You find here also originally Gothic Church of Blessed Virgin Mary, the building of deanery and Virgin Mary Statuary of  nearly 10 m height, In T. G. Masaryk street it is chapel of St. Florian, originally a hospital for poor people. In Kladno-Rozdělov we find church of St. Wenceslas and in street of Colonel Stříbrný former Neo-Renaissance Jewish synagogue.

As to nature sightseeings: you would visit „Žraločí zuby“ („Shark´s Teeth“) in Vrapice-Forest, Vinařická hora (hill) nature park Džbán and other.  


Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Miaow Miaow, č.2, č.3, č.4, č.5, Diligent


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