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CZ: Častolovice - Small Town Located Close To Orlické Mouuntains

Published: 12.8.2011
Častolovice is a picturesque town situated in East Bohemia, located close to Orlické Mountains, in an altitude of 268 metres above sea level, in eastern direction from Hradec Králové, and 35 kilometres distant from Pardubice. Thanks to its position, rich cultural and social life and sightseeings, Častolovice is a frequent target of many visitors.

At present, as some non-overlooked community dominanta, it is Baroque St.Vitus Church, St.Mary Magdalene cemetery chapel and Renaissance Chateau of Sternberg Parentage, including vast park and preserve. From confluence point of Bělá and Kněžná rivers, a mill-race along castle park was created, making there, in south direction, a border, flowing through garden colony, returning back to Bělá-river. However, during 1454-1456, an importance of independent Častolovice dominion dropped. In 1647, the face of the square undergone big changes, as a remarkable complex of hospital, including Loreta Virgin Mary and St. Wenceslas Chapel was established. As an independent building chapter, some style changes of Častolovice Castle present this reality.


The first written notice about Častolovice comes of 1342. At that time, Jan Luxembourg, Bohemian King, nominates local homestead as market town, granting some privilieges, including  annual markets. A name of this small town is derived probably from old-Bohemian christian name of one from the first colonists - i.e. Čeněk (Časty, Častolov). The community was founded not far from river ford, which was used, by means of water stronghold and numerous hills, for its protection Later, this complex was changed to the castle.

An agriculture activity, fisheries, haberdasher´s trade and some handicrafts brought a subsistence for local inhabitants. As far as some important owners of the town is concerned, we can mention, for instance, Častolovice Parentage, Krušina of Lichtenburg, Pernstein Parenatge, Henry of Reger, Oppersdorf Parentage or Sternberg Parentage.

Častolovice is well-known, thanks to local production of insulating materials from mineral fibres, manufactured in Saint-Goban Orsil Ltd. factory, or with production of wood-working machines in Rojek Family factory.

Leasure time

Not only in Častolovice, but also in the environs, you can find many places of interest as well as attractive targets for tourists. Častolovice Chateau - a seat of Sternberg Parentage - is a complex, constructed in English style. The Unit of Orlice Communities is looking after all picturesque places of Orlice towns and villages. Opočno, a town with wonderful Chateau of Colloredo-Mansfeld Parentage, is 21 kilometres distant. Kostelec nad Orlicí, a neighbouring town, distant only 3 kilometres from Častolovice, is a seat of Kinsky Family. In Orlické Mountains, so called „Kačenka Kingdom“ is to be found. The distance makes 29 kilometres. The town of Vamberk is to be visited by romantic walk along cycling route, 8,8 kilometres long.

Text: Staňková Nika

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: ou-castolovice.cz


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