Published: 18.1.2008
In Region of Hradec Králové, not far of Giant Mountains, is situated the district town of Trutnov. The town is placed on Úpa-river and has 32000 inhabitants.

Trutnov, Giant FountainThe first written notice of the town comes of 1260. The name was probably derived from German name  truten ouwe – i.e. delightful  meadow.

The town is represented by industries of electrotechnics, foodstuff, energy, textile and furs Regarding transport, Trutnov is an important railway and roads junction. As to future, there is planned to be constructed highway-road in suburbs.

The centre of old town is known as Krakonoš Square. In its eastern part there is Baroque column of  Holy Trinity with statue of eight Saints of 1704. The Krakonoš Fountain, placed in the middle of the square, is of 1892.  In 1990, the part of  Interior town, together with a church, Town Hall, and former castle and 150 middle-class houses Trutnov, Giant Squaredeclared as Town´s  Protected  Zone.

In town´s surroundings, you can visit Teplice Rocks, ZOO-garden with safari in town of Dvůr Králové nad Labem, castle in Kuks or Rocky towns in Adersbach. The town is situated near to Krkonoše (Giant Mountains), in winter it is very popular with lovers of winter sports.

In summer the outskirts offer several cycle-routes, swimming-pools as well as several cultural events.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Radek Drlička, Koroner, č.2  


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