Published: 31.3.2008
First written notice comes of 1061. In 1167, Cheb region was in ownership of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. Growing power of this Emperor was manifested by constructions of magnificent Emperor's seats, known as „Pfalz“. They were not constructed for defence purposes, on the contrary, they have to present Emperor's power.

However, the start of construction of Cheb´s Pfalz is not noticed. Anyway, several visits of Emperor and his family prove the importance of Cheb castle. In 1203, the town of Cheb is Cheb Castlementioned for the first time. Within 15th century, Cheb became as one of beggest town of Bohemian Crown Countries. Within 30-years war, Cheb became, thanks to its strategic position, the operation basis for both fighting parties. In 1631, the town was captured by Saxonian soldiers, and successively, it was in possession of Albrecht of Wallenstein. In 1647, the town was captured by Swedish army.

Cheb church. NicholasHowever, the death of Albrecht Wallenstein did not changed the situation in town at all. The town was devastated, debased and at the edge of economical destruction. Anyway, its strategic position at western Bohemian border decided that in July of 1652, the Emperor Ferdinand III signed a document of town changing to military fortress. At the end of 17th century, Cheb was officially named as border fortress. In Cheb Squaremiddle of 17th century, the town´s economical situation started to be improved. In 1723, the town was taken - as sunken pledge (mortgage) - as a part of Bohemian Crown Country, and it became as free Bohemian King´s Town.

Anyway, to a period of end 18th and beginning of 19th century comes an important period of construction of Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad), till 1851 as ownership of Cheb´s administration. The springs, marked as Cheb´s mineral water, were used for cures since 16th century, and this water was brought to Cheb, Sandy Gatethe patients, staying in Cheb. Quite quick development of this spa, named as Františkovy since 1807, helps to economical as well as social development of the town.

At the beginning of 20th century, we can find in Cheb, except of rich citizens and cumulated financial capital, also important machinery factories, foodstuff companies, textile as well as construction factories. As to important town´s monuments: it is, first of all, a castle with town´s fortification from the second half of 12th century, St.Nicholas church and St.Wenceslas church. Town´s House situated in lower part of a square and New Town Hall of 18th century.


Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Libor Dušek, Karelj, č.2, č.3, Jan Sokol





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