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Mariánské Lázně

Published: 21.11.2007
The town of Mariánské Lázně is situated 25 kms in southeast direction of Cheb and 15 kms of German border. You find there at least 40 mineral springs, in the surroundings there are minimum 100 of such springs. Mariánské Lázně is the youngest of a „triangle“ of well-known West-Bohemian spas.

The area of Mariánské Lázně was earlier afforested and a lot of swamps were there to be found. Nevertheless, local people knew well the power of local Cast-iron colonnade in Mariánské Lázněwater springs. According to the order of King Ferdinand I. the water was tested for the salt-contents in 1528  Dr. Jan Josef Nehr started to investigate the more detailed water-structure at the end of 18th century. In 1865 the spa was declared as a town. In 1872 the town was connected to the railway line, so it was no problem regarding easy access to Cheb, Vienna, Pilsen and Prague. At that time, Colonnade in Mariánské Lázněthe spa was visited by many official and famous people. So, Mariánské Lázně visited – for instance – Thomas Alva Edison, Gustav Mahler, Franz Kafka, British King Edward VII., the Emperor Franz Josef II. The musical composer Frederick Chopin spent here a month on behalf of his love. However, her father did not given him the daughter in marriage. The International Chopin Festival, taken place here every year, is paid as a homage to the famous artist. At the beginning of 19th century the town changed, more new buildings and parks increased.

Cross Spring  is being used for diseases of digestive organs Park to the Colonnadeand metabolism. The presence of  sulphates causes moderate laxative effect Ferdinand´s Spring is – with its composition – similar to Cross Spring but it is more mineralised. It is drawn off and sold under the name of Excelsior. Forest´s Spring is being used for inhalations and drinking cures. It heals the difficulties of superior respiratory tracheas and it helps to solve urological problems as well. Rudolph´s Spring has a hard diuretical result, so it is recommanded to those patients which have the difficulties with thir kidneys and urine tracheas. It contains also a big share of calcium, so it is recommended during the cure of osteoporose. Ambrosia´s Spring is Colonnade in Mariánské Lázněrecommended – for its  big contents of iron - for the cure of anaemia. Caroline´s Spring has a big contain of magnesia and so it is recommended for urological difficulties (troubles) and kidneys´stones.

In Mariánské Lázně you find the Town´s Theatre. It was built originally in Neo-Renaissance style in 1868 but the rebuilding changed the theatre-face to Neo-Classical style. In Town´s Museum  you find the exposition of J.W.Goethe and exposition of Preserved Natural Area Slavkovský Forest. The museum is situated in a building, built in 1818, which is the oldest one in this part of the town 

There are many possibilities for sports activities. Except of classical spa-circuits you can play golf, swim or play tennis. In winter you can do skiing, of course.


Text: Miroslava Nováčková

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Karelj, Walter J. Pilsak, Hynek Moravec, Cheva, Honza XJ  




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