Published: 29.8.2010
The town of Trebišov is placed in south-east part of Slovakia, along border of Trebišov Table and Ondava Highlands, along banks of Trnávka brook.

Present time

The environs of Trebišov are mostly of agricultural character. Fertile fields, orchards, meadow forests with nature reservations and hilly countries, with scenery of Slanské Hills (popular relax resorts) are spreaded there. This region involves also Tokai Vineyard Area, proud on its wines of the first class quality. To monuments of Trebišov belongs Baroque Castle of 1786, seat of  Home Museum. Further, you can find there Gothic church with arrangements in Baroque style or ruins of Parič Castle. On the other hand, Trebišov is famous for its tradition of amateur theatre. The fame was looked after by Potravinár theatre complex, and was proceeded with „G“ - Theatre.


First written notice of the town comes from 1254, when Trebišov, together with Parič Castle, was in possession of Andronik. Later, in 1319, Trebišov castle dominion was obtained by Druget Parentage. In 1387, the town got Peter of Perin, an aristocrat. This dominion was in ownership of this dominion for next coming 180 years. Nevertheless, after Mohacs battle, the dominion was returned to Druget Parentage. In 1739, Trebišov got limited town´s rights but the seat was developped as servitude town. At the beginning of 16th century, Paul Order was active in newly founded monastery, and this order became an owner of the community in the same century.

Parič Castle was not conquested by attacks of Crimea Tartars. However, later, in 1620, the castle became a gain of Gabriel Bethlen troops. Later, in 1686, the castle was completely destroyed. At the end of 18th century, the next owners, Csaky Parentage, took to pieces the building, and the stone was used for construction of a castle, placed in the neighbourhood. In 1871, the railway was introduced into Trebišov. Later, when the 1st World War was over, Trebišov became a seat of Zemplin County, and, since 1929, it became a district town. After 2nd World War, the industry was developped, thanks to foodstuff industry. At present, Trebišov is, with its 25000 inhabitants, a small district town, with a seat of Business Academy, Foodstuff Secondary School, Artistic School and other institutes. For lovers of sporting activities, sporting area with two grass play grounds, summer swimming pools as well as covered bath, or winter stadium and sport hall, all these buildings are available for active sportsmen.

Text: Denisa Arvajová,,

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: - Baffin, Mercy

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