Published: 15.4.2008
The ruin of Trosky is situated on rocky formation of volcanic origin, founded in Tertiary formation, in consequence of coagulation of red-hot magma. The base for later construction of castle became two cones, distant approximately 76 metres from each other.

Trosky CastleMore narrow and more elegant, 57 metres high tower, was named Panna (Virgin), where the second one, wide-branched and approx.10 metres lower tower, was named Baba (Grandmother). Some centuries ago, there were built towers on tops of both cones and a palace built between both, protected by hard fortress.

This jewel is situated in Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise). In second half of 14th century, it was founded by Čeněk of Vartenberg. The construction was effected between 1380-1390. First notice about castle comes of 1396. It is a pity that no pictures or engravings preserved up to now. Nobody know, how the castle looked like in the period of its origin. Anyway, there is a mention in historical entries that the only picture of Trosky-castle was seized Trosky Castleby Swedish troops within 30-year war and brought to Sweden.

After death of Čeněk of Vartenberg, castle-founder, the building became the ownership of King Wenceslas IV., he ceded it in 1398 to Otto of Berg, successively it was a heritage of his son Otto-junior. In 1438, the castle was seized by robbers Švejkar Christopher Šof of Helfenburg. Troops of this robber took prisoners the owner, Otto, and became a terror for the whole environment. Anyway, some years later, these treacherous marauders were caught and the castle was given to Otto back.

Trosky CastleAfterthat, Trosky changed its owners several times and resisted the conquest. Anyway, the castle-destiny was fulfilled in 1648, when it was destroyed by fire, the owners left it, and the castle became to deserten. Early in 1841, the owner – Lexa of Ahrental, started the planned castle reconstruction. Further reconstructions started at the end of 20th century. The castle was, after big efforts, reconstructed and open for public the top of Baba, at least.

Vast reconstructions in castle are until today. Visitors can see the places which were not possible to enter. Signed tourist trails as well as cycloroutes lead  to the castle. On top of Baba tower, there is a wonderful view around, not only to Bohemian Paradise, but also for most remote range of Giant Mountains or Jizerské Mountains.

Trosky Castle

During summer months, there are taken place  in castle many cultural events, which are really worth to visit.


Text: Štěpánka Svobodová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Olaf1541, č.2, Wilson44691, Jerzy Strzelecki, Klaus Kettner 

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