Published: 28.11.2007
The town of Turnov is situated in Jičín-highland on Jizera-river. The town belongs to one of most important railway junctions of Liberec region. Its nickame is „Heart of Bohemian Paradise“. In the surroundings it is to be found so called red garnet classifying with our national treasuries. The manufacturing of jewels of this stone made the town of Turnov famous all round the world.

     The first written notice about  the notice comes of 1238 in a document issued by  King Wenceslaus I. At the middle of 13th century there was founded the  servitude town of Turnov, the first proved notice comes of 1272 with Jaroslav of Turnov. In the course of 16th century there were created many new handicrafts Turnov, Old Town Hallhere, such as  mining, glass manufactures, dyer´s works and grinder works. The glass mining for production of artificial  glass precious stones was established here. In 1884 it was founded the special school of  precious stones-grinding and engraving. The traditional production of jewels outlasts up to the present time.

     The town hall  which dominates the southern part of Bohemian Paradise Square, was constructed in 1527. Its originally Ŕenaissance style was damaged by influence of several fires and reconstructions, so its face changed to Late Renaissance style. Only town´s sign and chronology 1526 remained from its original decoration up to now. The building serves as a seat of Town´s Office and you find her a bank also.                 

     The other touristical points are as follows: originally Gothic church of st. Nicholas. It was constructed in 14th century, and at the beginning of 18th century is was changed to Baroque style. To the church belongs quadrangular tower, 25 m high. This tower was originally a part of town´s fortification and its origin is to be dated to 13th century. We find also the church of St.Frank of Assisi, St. Mathew and the Church of  Virgin Mary nativity. The last named church belongs  to the biggest Neo-Gothic buildings in Central Europe.


     The local Museum of Bohemian Paradise collects all documents about the town of Turnov and its development since 1886. It contains an unique collection of documents and precious stones. In 2001 placed between seven best museums of Central Europe in  Turnov Church in BukovinaEMYA competition (European  Museum of the Year Award). The Museum is to be found not far of the Bohemian Paradise Square in Skálova street.                         

In the northwestern part of the town we find the castle of Hrubý Rohozec. Originally a Gothic castle  was built round 1280. Its  face was changed within 16th and 17th century.  The further  arrangments in Classical style were made in the course of 19th century. The vast park forms the part of a castle. The path follows up to Jizera river. The castle is open for the public. 

Turnov offers to sportsmen several cyclist-paths, covered swimming pool, ice-hockey stadium, rope-centre, a lot of  reinforce –centres and  other establishments.

As to native persons: Jan Patočka – one of most important Czech philospoher´s of 20th century signed Charta 77. Ecologist Radim Kuchař, most famous moutain-climber Josef Rakoncaj, water-slalom runner – Miroslav Šimek.

Panorama Trutnov 


Text: Miroslava Nováčková

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, ŠJů, č.2, č.3, č.4, č.5, č.6, Packa  


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