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CZ: Ostrava - Park Landek Or Hard Life Of Miners - VIDEO
Published: 1.11.2011
Ostrava is a place, where life is not simple and where the pollution is worse in EU. Despite that local people love this city and they do not miss any moment to fight for it. To Praguers are some Ostravians, and there are a lot of them, particularly allergic.

Šostýn castle
Published: 21.12.2008
Šostýn Castle is located on afforested hill, in a distance of 1,5 kms approx. from the town of Kopřivnice. It's foundation is mentioned to1293.

Ruine Starý Jičín
Published: 31.10.2008
Majestic ruin of Starý Jičín Castle is not to be overlooked by anybody, who drives along frequented road from Frýdek-Místek to Olomouc. The castle is located on outstanding Starojicky Hill near to small town of Starý Jičín.

Published: 21.8.2008
Historical town of Fulnek is placed below hills of Vítkov Highlands, in north Moravia, in southern direction distant, 30 kms far from the town of Opava.

Published: 27.11.2007
The town of Kopřivnice is situated on place of original important way, which connected and secured the trade between Baltic and Mediterranean Seas. Within 1280-1290 thare was built a castle of Schauenstein, and at that time a community of Kopřivnice was founded. The rests of this castle are visible in southwestern direction of a town.

Published: 18.10.2007
The town of Bruntál was established in 1213 by Margrave Vladislav Henry. Till that time-period North Moravia was not practically colonized and Jeseníky Mountains offered its wealth in form of precious metals. Thanks to this fact, the town got rich and since town´s foundation, Bruntal´s citizens had a miner in its escutcheon.

Opava town
Published: 10.10.2007
Status town of Opava is a cultural and industrial centre of Bohemian Silesia in Moravia-Silesia Region. It is a seat of Silesian University and of Silesian Country Museum, the oldest and most important museum in Czech Republic. The town can be proud of many historical monuments and several interest festivals are taken place here.( Bezruč and Opava, Další břehy, etc.).

Published: 2.10.2007
The town of Karviná is situated approx 19 kms from Ostrava, has 64000 inhabitants. On north neighbours with Republic of Poland.The town is placed on flat and moderated undulated surface, connected with coal mining.

Published: 24.9.2007
The town of Havířov is situated between Frýdek-Místek and Karviná in the East of Czech Republic. The administrative part of the town, extending on a surface of 3208 ha are Město, Šumbark, Životice, Podlesí, Bludovice, Dolní and Prostřední Suchá and Dolní Datyně . The town has got its name in an open competition, became in 1990 a Statute Town with 89000 inhabitants.

Nový Jičín
Published: 19.9.2007
The town of Nový Jičín is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of north-east part of Czech Republic. The oldest written notice about the town with 27000 inhabitants comes from 1313, so with this date is connected its foundation. This year the King Jan Lucemburský granted the town the privilege to pick out the duties and tolls.

Published: 27.8.2007
Ostrava is the third biggest town of Czech Republic. It was taken for years as industrial, dirty and inhospitable town, as a steel-heart of the republic with rough and hard working people.


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