Published: 18.10.2007
The town of Bruntál was established in 1213 by Margrave Vladislav Henry. Till that time-period North Moravia was not practically colonized and Jeseníky Mountains offered its wealth in form of precious metals. Thanks to this fact, the town got rich and since town´s foundation, Bruntal´s citizens had a miner in its escutcheon.

BruntálExcept of mining, the handicraft was represented here. Since 15th century, Bruntál became a centre of this region. Anyway, from a moment when Bruntál was in possession of Order of German Knights, the town was caught with several disasters. Fires, 30-years´ war, epidemies of plague, also an importance of mining dropped. In 18th century the town started in its development again. The importance of the industry and textile production, especially cultivation of flax, arose. In 19th century, Bruntál was declared as a district town. Further, 20th century was of importance the development of building industry and changes in industrial production, new works and factories were built.

As to historical monuments: on first place, it is a castle. The original castle of 15th century was rebuilt at the end of 17th century to a Renaissance castle. It is a seat or regional museum and serves to cultural and social activities. A part of 16th century of the extend of 2,5 ha belongs to the castle.


Church of Blessed Virgin Mary is of 13th century, it is one of oldest building in North Moravia.  Within 1731-1757 the other church of Virgin Mary as well as Piarist Monastery were built. On Bruntálplace of original chapel on Uhlířský vrch (Coal – Merchant Hill) was built in 1755-1765 a Baroque church of  Helpful Virgin Mary. To further important  historical buildings belong chapel of St.Michael, Evangelical church, former mansion house on Žižka square, House of Gabriel, Mildner Villa and Social House.

In Bruntál, there are taken place several festivals, such as „ Indian Summer“ in Bruntál, Music Festival of St.Wenceslas and Open House festival. Bruntál region  is proud of its marvellous nature and it is worth to visit this district.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Kleinehexe 12, č.2, Osim, Ladislav Homolka, č.2, č.3                





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