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Caves of Javoříčko

Published: 5.9.2007
You find these caves in Central Moravia near to the community of Slavětín, approx. 10 kms in western direction of Litovel.

These caves got its name according to the community of Javoříčko, where Nazi SS troops killed  on 5th May 1945 all men over 15 years of age and successivelly burnt out the village.

The subterranean system of caves is formed with a complicated complex of  corridors, domes and precipices, some of them are deep almost 60 m. The grottoes have wonderful stalagtite and stalagmite decoration, which you can admire in two enormous spaces – Dome of Giants and Wreckage Dome. Except standard stalagtites and stalagmites decoration, reaching in these grottos respectable dimensions, there are to be seen also  helektites (i.e. stalagtites increasingagainst rules of gravitation).

The essential part of caves was discovered in 1938 during several-hours descent through lower stage, further parts were discovered in 1950. The corridors have approx. 4 kms of length , 788 m of route are accessible for public. Guided tour is lasting for one hour approx.

Near to this place  there are situated Mladeč Caves, open for public as well. If you walk 3 kms in northwestern direction, you reach very picturesque and interesting castle of Bouzov.



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