Published: 10.10.2007
Jeseník is a Silesian town in northern direction of Olomouc Region, situated on confluence of small rivers of Staříč and Bělá. In the past, the originally inhabitants were mostly German, from this reason Jeseník was known till 1947 as Frývaldov. The town is placed in Preserved Protected Area of Jesníky.

First written notice comes of 1267, at that time there was here a village only, but shortly afterwards, the town was established. At beginning of 14th century, Jeseník suffered very much from attacks of rapacious knights. Anyway, local conditions were favourable for mining of iron ore, gold as well as silber. This mining brought the town its Mining Status in 16th century. The town became - for short time period - an ownership of Fugger Family of Augsburg.

When this family mined all possible sources, sold the town with surrounded grounds back to Breslau-Episcopate. So, local people have to changed their activity to linen-manufacturiong, which is, however, less profitable. In a period of 30-years´ war there were passed so called witchcraft courts, round one hundred of „devil´s assistants“ lost their lives here.


In first half of 19th century former Frývaldov waited for its development again. It was especially a merit of Vincent Priessnitz. He founded here healing spa (2 kms distant from city centre). Also local enterpreneur Adolf Rayman added its share to future prosperity of the region. He let  built a manufacture-factory for production of thin linen. In town, you can visit a native house of Vincent Priessnitz. On groundfloor, you find a caffee, upstairs you can admire the balneology exhibition. Civic museum offers the exposition of local fauna and flora. This exposition was created in 2005. Except of this, you can see the exposition about history and geological past of region.

In the middle of Masaryk square, there is a building of town hall with a tower. Local church of Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1417, anyway, after several bad fires was reconstructed in 19th century, so it has got Neo-Renaissance face now.


To very popular tourist attractions belongs a villa of Erwin Weiss, situated in a park in Hornova street. This villa was built according to plans of architects Josef Tolk and Frank von Krause in 1901-1903. Castle Jeseník was founded from original water stronghold of 13th century. This stronghold was later re-built to a water castle of Breslau-Bishops. Today´s form of a castle comes of 1738-1745. You have the possibilty to use local spa-circles for walking. Local nature and atmosphere are really balsam for your soul as well as for your body. The circles are of various difficulties, we trust that everybody finds the suitable one for your rest.

Priessnitz spa in Jeseník

Spa is situated in Jeseníky area, 2 kms distant from Jeseník (620 m). Its name was got, thanks to doctor Vincent Priessnitz. He believed in healing power of spring water, his wrappings used at high fever became very famous. Local environment is very suitable for treatment of respiratory ways, nervous system and blood circulation. There are available several spa-circuits offering nice view around, being of advantage to your soul as well as to your body. One route starts on spa-colonnade near to caffee, it is 1,15 km long, with 10 m overtop. Further route is 3,15 kms long, with 90 m overtop. All routes are marked with tourist signs. Directly in Priessnitz-spa you can find a salt-spa - Solvita. The price for one relax procedure, lasting for 45 minutes, is CZK 140,- approx. For visitors, there is a possibility of use of sporting  areas, such as minigolf. You can undertake - for a fee - many healing procesures in spa-houses.




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