Region of Pardubice

CZ, Lanškroun – A Trip to the Orlické Mountains
Published: 4.1.2013
Lanškroun town is one of the largest towns in the Region of Pardubice and, at the same time, is a significant center of industry.

CZ: Lázně Bohdaneč - Relax, What Can Heals - VIDEO
Published: 30.8.2011
Bloody old place - it could be also good title for this spa town. The first written mention is back to the 14th centrury.

CZ: Přelouč - Old Town And RelativeNeew Locality Too - VIDEO
Published: 16.8.2011
When you pass Přelouč and have the chance to see it from far distance, you get the feeling that there is "a must" to have a stop there.

CZ: Kočí - Would You Visit The Church? - VIDEO
Published: 9.8.2011
Even small localities of Pardubice Region are worth to visit. As a prove, small village of Kočí would serve as an example, only a couple of kilometres distant from Chrudim. As a dominanta, it is St. Bartholomew wooden church - a monument of enormous historical value.

CZ: Chrudim - Variegated And Coloured Town
Published: 2.8.2011
Our next "video-stop", while walking throughout Pardubice Region, is a district town of Chrudim. This city is full of sightseeings, and full of colours, pleasant for your eyes.

CZ: Heřmanův Městec - Jewish Traces In Bohemia - VIDEO
Published: 26.7.2011
Heřmanův Městec is distant 17 kilometres from Pardubice and 10 kilometres only from the town of Chrudim. The locality with this poetic name has five thousands of inhabitants. In past, an important Jewish community was settled there.

CZ: Pardubice - Industrial City With A Taste Of Gingerbread And Horseraces-VIDEO
Published: 19.7.2011
Pardubice, a Region town, is located in distance of more than one hundred of kilometres from Prague. The locality became famous through Great Pardubice Steeplechase, honey-gingerbread, and also by Paramo Refinery Station or Synthesia Factory Complex.

CZ: Nasavrky - A Locality Of Unsual Name
Published: 15.7.2011
The community of Nasavrky is taken for a centre of Železné hory (Iron Hills). What about is of an interest in such locality?

Published: 30.8.2008
The town of Svitavy is placed on a border of East Bohemia in moderately undulated countryside of Svitavy hills and belongs to oldest towns of the region.

Bohdaneč spa
Published: 10.4.2008
First written notice of Bohdaneč comes from 1343, nevertheless, historians are of the opinion that the community was founded earlier, the exact period is not stated.

Published: 10.3.2008
The town of Hlinsko is situated in Chrudim district in Pardubice Region. At border of Preserved Nature Area Žďárské Hills and Železné Hills, in valley of Chrudimka river, live more 10000 inhabitants.

Published: 17.10.2007
This originally mining town is situated in the area of Kralický Sněžník , approx. 30 kms distant from Šumperk in an altitude of 560 m , with 5000 inhabitants. The town is placed near to the border with Poland, the river Tichá Orlice is flowing through the town.

Published: 15.10.2007
The town of Litomyšl is situated in Eastern Bohemia in the altitude of 320-370 m. The river Loučná is flowing through this area. Litomyšl is a native place of music composer Bedřich Smetana. The International Opera Festival named Smetanova Litomyšl is taking place every year.

Published: 14.10.2007
Through the town is flowing the Chrudimka river, springing in Protected Natural Area Žďárské vrchy. The town of Chrudim is situated approx. 11 kms in south direction from Pardubice and 110 kms distant from Prague. The town is nicknamed as „ Athens of Eastern Bohemia“. The town is known as a manufacturer of rope-railways. It is placed in an altitude of 340 m.

Vysoké Mýto
Published: 13.10.2007
The town is situated at mouth of Mlýnský potok ( Mill Brook) into the river Loučná, not far from Orlické Mountains , distant 18 kms from Ústí nad Orlicí. The town is known with its production of buses of brand KAROSA.

Česká Třebová
Published: 12.10.2007
The town of Česká Třebová of most populated town of Pardubice region, the river Třebůvka is flowing through. It is an important railway junction , the railway connection was started from 1845. In 1995 the city centre was declared as Town Monument Zone.

Published: 30.8.2007
In a pictureque region, on foot of Železné hory, 4 kms south from the town of Chrudim, it is situated the town of Slatiňany. Thanks to its monuments and beautiful nature belongs this place to very popular ones. If you are interested in a history, walking in splendid milieu and neat movement of grandoise horses of Kladruby, we commend you to go there and see.


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