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CZ: Lázně Bohdaneč - Relax, What Can Heals - VIDEO

Published: 30.8.2011
Bloody old place - it could be also good title for this spa town. The first written mention is back to the 14th centrury.

Today u can see modern city what is famous for long traditions of spa. It lies not far from Pardubice and people go there from time immemorial to treat painful joints, rheumatism, various post-traumatic conditions, and similar inconveniences. Maybe therefore the city looks bit sleepy.

Relax on every step

Water splash out from the fontain, what is in the middle of traffic circle. Allegedly the best in all country. And because it started to drizzel, spa guests choose faster step to escape from the rain so fast they can.

On the pleasantly spacious boulevard is opened some pubs, confectioner's and former dancing cafe, whose portal reminiscent of the First Republic the old times. U can hardly get something warm to eat. Turists are not very interested in Bohdaneč and the spa guests usually paid for all inclusive. It could be the reason, why the restaurants owners are not in passion with bussines. Lázně Bohdaneč just turned in their in their clients, of which there will come about 800 a year.

Lázně Bohdaneč

Lázně BohdanečLázně BohdanečLázně Bohdaneč

Little bit from history

Mud baths at the instigation of Jan Veselý has opened in 1897. The treatment has tesed 70 patients at the time.  Apparently Theky left satisfied and so after years started go regular bus service from Pardubice to Bohdaneč, what was the original name of village.

The bore with 21 degrees hot water called Panenka geologists discovered at 1913 - 1914. But this bore wasnt enought for servise of bigger spa. Only his younger about 40 meter deeper vision, called Nová Panenka with a depth of 388 meters, city demans could be satisfied.

Compair to more famous spa citeis, eg. Karlovy Vary, is Lázně Bohdaneš reall oaza of peace. Nobody is in fight with anyone about it, how many wafers can eat. The queue for ice cream or anything else doesnt exist. Here is just cool atmosphere.

Lázně BohdanečLázně Bohdaneč

Lázně Bohdaneč

Shadow of Josef Gočár

The colonnade is set in a park, where patiens comfortable walk here and there on peacefull Elbe countryside and in the same time pass some bathhouses – domů - Bílý, Jubilejní, Veselý, Veselý Plus a Gočárův pavilon – renamed after its builder.

A liman would be the work of architekt Josef Gočár, which greatly sprint his „manuskript“ in most buildings of the town, apparently proparly appreciated. He probably would says something like „nice house“. But the experts admire his ideas. Twou storey pavilion build in Gočár cubist style is today protected architectual monument. 

Lázně BohdanečLázně BohdanečLázně Bohdaneč

Sun dial could be for many visitors matter of interesting. They work just like any other, with the only difference being that their hand is a man. The board stand in the middle of show months. To sun dial work correctly, u have to stand on the current month. Smaller people or kids should throw up.

Text/foto/video: Klára Svobodová

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