Vysoké Mýto

Published: 13.10.2007
The town is situated at mouth of Mlýnský potok ( Mill Brook) into the river Loučná, not far from Orlické Mountains , distant 18 kms from Ústí nad Orlicí. The town is known with its production of buses of brand KAROSA.

Vysoké Mýto as a town was founded in 1262 by Přemysl Otakar II , and in three years after there was fortificated. It was surrounded with wooden fortifications, only the gates and some bastions were stoned. Many civic houses were made from wood , so the town had to fight against  frequent fires. In spite of this fact  the town was constructed quite ingeniously and its chess ground-plan remains preserved until present time.

In the town there was  big plague epidemy in 1714-1715. As a memory to the victims there was erected  a plague column, 14 m high.

In 1777 was found a school ,  where there were given lessons of writing, reading and arithmetics.

Local  square of Přemysl Otakar II belongs to the greatests  places in Bohemia , it has a space of  2 ha.  In 1996 it was completely reconstructed . We find here the plague column, as mentioned above, and the building of old town hall , built in 15th century or the town gallery. Characteristic is the Gothic church of St. Lawrence , its origin is not quite clear , but it was built, according to the legend, at the end of 13th century. The first notice about this church is of 1349, in the time of foundation of Litomyšl  Episcopate. You will see 10 altars , the main one is proud of historical speciality  - the Baroque picture of Mr. Peter Brandl of 1728, picturing  Heavenbringing of Virgin Mary.

A Renaissance bell-tower  is situated nearby the church, serving to seasonal exhibitions of Town Gallery at present.

Photo: Wikimedia.com., Prazak 

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