Published: 25.2.2008
The district town of Blansko is situated in a valley of Svitava river in South Moravia Region. Blansko has over 20000 inhabitants, placed on a surface of 19 square kilometers. First written notice of original community, founded on a place of Sráré Blansko on right bank of Svitava river, comes of 1141. In 1277, there was founded a new community on the opposite river bank.

Castle Blansko It was named as Nové Blansko (New Blansko) and became later a nucleus of this town. Both communities were united ïn 1526, and afterthat Blansko became a small town.
At the end of 17th century, iron-works of Gellhorn Parentage were founded, and later became united with the town´s development. In 1905, Blansko was declared by Emperor Franz
Joseph I. as a town, as a district town it became in 1949. Blansko is divided into 8 cadastre areas and 9 local quarters. Inofficially, the town is divided in quarters, such as Zvodovce, Sever (North), Staré bytovky, Staré Blansko, Blansko-město, Podlesí and Písečná.

Blansko is a tourist starting point of routes and trails of Moravian Karst area. The town is palced on important railway-line Brno-Česká Třebová, we find a ruin of castle Blansek, not far from here. As to historical monuments: it is a castle witha park, today a seat of a regional museum.
Further, an administrative building of Blansko-Iron-Works built in Windsor style in 1911, Baroque church of St.Martin (on place of original Romanesque church).   

St. MartinBlanskoKlamova works  
A Klamova Forge ( last preserved forging-work of Blansko Iron Works) comes of 1855.
In past, there was places here a Museum of Art Engravings, now, there are manufacturing rooms again. A wooden church of 17th century was transferred to Blansko from Carpathian Russia in 1936. Town Hall was built in 1885, its tower as well as clock were added in 1904.
BlanskoYou can visit a monument dedicated to Božena Němcová, admire a monument to fallen soldiers in 1st World War,as well as a Monument of Liberty and Heroes of Zborov-Battle. As to cultural activities: it is Town´s Library, Town´s Gallery, Town´s Club, cinema etc.
There are several sports clubs and sections in town. You find here several modern sporting-grounds. You can partecipate on Halfmarathon Race through Moravian Karst, taken place each year.


Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Mr Hyde, č.2, č.3, č.4, č 5, Lukáš Malý  

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