Published: 18.2.2008
District town of Břeclav is situated in South Moravia Region in valley meadow of Dyje-river. This town with 26000 inhabitants is an important railway junction distant 50 kms in southeastern direction of Brno. In surroundings of town you find Lednice-Valtice area and further munuments registered in a Survey of Worlds´ Heritage UNESCO.

Just in 8th century was founded Great Moravia piece of ground Pohansko. On place of today´s  castle there was established in 10th century new castle and piece of ground, received its name according to  Prince of Břetislav. In 13th century, the castle obtained (by a dot) Constance of Hungary, and in 15th century became a seat of Hussite troops. Anyway, when the wars were over, the people settled here and on place of damaged Old Břeclav they established new small town – New Břeclav.

In 16th century, the castle as well as the small town became a possession of Žerotín Parentage, they re-built the castle in Renaissance style. In 17th century, Břeclav dominion was united with neighboured  Valtice and Lednice manorial estate, in possession of Liechtenstein Parentage. In 1872,  Břeclav was declared as a  town. On the other hand, in 19th century a big industrial


development begun, Kuffner sugar-factory was founded (today ceramic works), chemical factory for production of fertilizers and sawmill-factory. However, the development was stopped  in consequence of World Wars. During Nazi occupation, most of people escaped to inland, and at the end of war the town was bombarded.                

You find in town many historical monuments. The park of Renaissance castle follows to so called  „Wild Boar Park“. The complex of this park is pasture-land forest with rests of old Dyje-bendings. On T.G.Masaryk square, you find Parish church of St.Wenceslas of middle of 18th century. A synagogue, as well as St.Rochus chapel and Parish church of Virgin Mary come of 19th century.



Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Fredericus, č.2, Huhulenik, JanSuchy, Ralf Lotys


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