Published: 27.9.2007
Brno is the second biggest town of Czech Republic. As an administrative centre of South Moravian Region, it is situated on confluence of Svratka and Svitava rivers. You find in Brno many forests. The town is an important centre of education and many historical monuments. First written notice is dated to 10th June 1091 in Kosma Chronicle.

In 1243 the town obtained King´s privileges from Bohemian King Wenceslas I. The town was surrounded by fortifications with five gates - Měnínská, Židovská (Jewish), Starobrněnská (Old Brno), Veselá (Funny) and  Běhounská. Villa Tugendhat

In 14th centrury, the town became a centre of Moravian Margraves, and just in this time period the town went through big prosperity. The town of Brno had the right of anniversary markets, so international trade developped. From this reason, it was an advantage to know the law, this brought the writing of Book of Declaration of Brno-Aldermen, compiled by Councellor Clerk John in 1355. This book became later as a law - model for many other towns.

 The industry started to develop in more extensive way since 1763, when the first textile manufacture was founded. The machinery industry became also important, as the latest technologies were introduced. In 1869, the first train arrives to Brno. SpilberkAnyway, with the arising trade relations and town-development the number or suburbs increased, and the town lost successively its character of fortress. At that time period, the Špilberk castle became a frightened prison place.                                 

As to historical monuments: it is, first of all, just mentioned Špilberk Castle, established in the second half of 13th century. The part of a castle form the basement - casemates - which served as a jail.

Cathedral of St.Peter and Paul is situated on a hill, on a place of original castle. It comes of 13th century, when a basilica was constructed here. The cathedral was re-built several times in the course of last centuries.

Cathedral. Peter and Paul           St. James Church          Old Town Hall

Mahenovo Theatre  was constructed according to plans of Vienna Architects in 1881-1882, its most important advantage was Edison´s lightening. Now, it forms a part of Brno National Theatre, which form further Janáčkovo Theatre and Reduta Theatre.

It is worth to visit an observatory and planetarium of Nicholas Koperník. At present, Brno is known through its fairs, alluring visitors abroad. Brno is a seat of Constitutional Court of Czech Republic. Brno panorama


Text: Miroslava Nováčková

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Noebu, Miaow Miaow, Iricigor, Beentree, Kirk, č. 2, Lukáš Malý        


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The second biggest town of the Czech Republic and the biggest Moravian metropolis at the same time, this is Brno. This town is, from times immemorial, a rivalry synonym with Prague, as far as their mentality or even their language (dialect) are concerned.


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