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CZ, Mikulov: Paradise of South Moravia– VIDEO

Published: 6.5.2014
Who likes Moravia and its southern part have to love Mikulov. It is an old town smelling after wine, hot Palavian air. Altogether it is wrapped in kindness of local inhabitants.

Mayor of Mikulov said that in spring his town is the most beautiful. Variety of activities Mikulov offers is as colorful as the town itself. Regardless the season. He is right. Not because his is the mayor but because Mikulov guarantees you the top quality.

Mikulov is located at the southern tip of the Pavlov Hills. The town is set in probably the most beautiful, and definitely the warmest part of Moravian countryside. Its undulation just adds to the charm of this also historically interesting sites.


Enchanting Mikulov

So those looking for romance, which can be enjoyed by all the senses, will not be disappointed. Mikulov will enjoy the most those of you who like active relax. The town and its surrounding area is crisscrossed with a dense network of cycle trails and hiking trails, Novomlynske tanks are ideal for water sports and hiking. Even an experienced tourist will we tired soon for there are so many things to see.



There is nothing strange about the fact that visitors do not know where to go at first,. One stands in the middle of the city, his eyes are wandering to catch focus of everything they might find attractive - the historical square, ancient streets, castle, Holy Hill , Goat Castle and more. In this case, we recommend that the first steps led to the center of the square, where a professional staff will be happy to assist you.  

Historic Square is naturally a first stop. Without any problem you can easily begin your day with a breakfast. There are several restaurants that offer breakfasts. Have you been in Mikulov for the first time as it will seem as foreing for just a moment. It needs just several moments to enchant you and lure you to its streets.



The square was built in the late 16th century and Renaissance houses that surround it are evidence of good old days. It is in close proximity to the entrance to the Mikulov chateau. On the square you can notice the fountain with a statue of Pomona situated in its center. The fountain was built around 1700, this time the source of water for the population center of Mikulov. Today, for the same purpose serves modern drinking fountains, and especially, of course, many fine restaurants. The fountain is undoubtedly the jewel of the town. Like the statue of the Holy Trinity it stands at the bottom of Mikulov Square. Another series of very interesting buildings were built between the years 1723-1724.


Of the many beautiful houses one stands out. Not by its size, but by its sgraffito is what makes it special. Perhaps it is also its location on the corner of the street. House No. 11 might catch your attention also with its black and white arcade gallery in its courtyard. Today, there is a café. Those are the things that make this house built around the year 1591 special.    

At the sight of the town center there are also other tourist attractions - Holy Hill, Goat Castle , Turoldu cave or the tomb of the Dietrichsteins. In Mikulov there are also remains of an old Jewish Quarter. Some of the Mikulov churches, or at least one, also deserve a tour. 


Mikulov dedicated to wine

Mikulov, however, is synonymous with wine. We will not fool ourselves. Especially fans of wine come here. The life in the town is in the sign of wine. Locals drink wine to celebrate every occasion. Despite nearbyen Valtice is the capital of wine. Here wine is what is major source of income of the locals. This is apparent everywhere. Wine cellars, wine shops and vineyards belong primarily to Mikulov since the days of ancient Rome.

Specialty of Mikulov wine growers are white sorts as the conditions for growing such sorts are the best around Mikulov. Mostly you can see there Welschriesling, a sort of wine that came from the north of Italy. Then with Riesling that originates from Rheinland. Around Mikulov another kinds of wine are grownr – Pinot blanc , Chardonay or Grüner Veltliner . Of red wines it is St Laurent, Blaufränkisch or Blue Portugal.

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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