Published: 17.9.2007
The town of Znojmo is situated in South Moravia, in southwestern direction from Brno. It is placed on left bank of Dyje river. The town is famous with its production of conserved cucumbers and wine. Local climatic conditions as well as an altitude (289 m) are favourable for vine and of fruit in general. In the town there is also established ceramics industry.

St. Nicholas SquareHowever, tin factory Znojmia, which produced well known conserved cucumbers since 1958, was completely destroyed. Cucumber of Znojmo were connected with a name of  local native Herbert Felix, he propagated its name all over the world.

As to cultural monuments: it is Town Hall Tower,  taken as a town´s dominante, it is one of most important Gothic towers in Czech Republic .

To further places of interest belongs local underground Znojmo Underground(basements), system of basements corridors and cellars, of total length of more then 30 kms. These basements were created in the course of 13th till 17th century by connecting of several former cellars. These spaces served originally for preservation of fruit and vegetable, anyway, they were used more for defending purposes later. In some places, there are even four floors above one another, one part, near to Louka monastery, had even five floors. The castle in Znojmo was constructed in first half of 11th century by a Prince Břetislav.  

However, there were not preserved many rests from the castle till now, but the most important construction – a Romanesque Rotunda of St. Catherine we can admire today. In 18th century, the castle was re-built to a building in more comfortable Baroque style. You find here the exposition of South-Moravian Museum. However, in the other part there is placed a brewery.

Gothic Town Hall Tower    Gothic church. Nicholas   Gothic church. Nicholas   The Rotunda of Our Lady and St. Catherine 

Monastery of Premonstrates in Louka was founded by local Prince Konrad Ota in 1190. However, it was damaged by Hussite troops during Hussite wars in 1425. In 18th century, there was started a big reconstruction, which was not terminated as the monastery was closed and cancelled in 1784, in a period of extensive reforms of Emperor Joseph II. In monastery buildings there was a seat of tobacco factory, military academy, and till 1993 the monastery spaces served as barracks.

At present, a part of monastery is finally used for commercial purposes, you find here Museum of  Wine-cultivation. In southren quarter you find swimming pool Louka.

Panorama Znojmo 

Text: Miroslava Nováčková

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, che, č.2, č.3, č.4, č.5, č.6, Martinm, Christof Halbe


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