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SVK: Bojnice - The Town's Sightseeings

Published: 23.12.2010
The town of Bojnice is well-known not only in Slovakia, but also in abroad. This fact was deserved well of its spa tradition, most beautiful Slovak castle as well as the oldest and most visited ZOO-garden of Slovakia. So, rich culture of the town as well as a beauty of surrounding nature allures a lot of tourists each year.

Bojnice TownBojnice is situated in central Slovakia, Trenčín Region, not far from the town of Prievidza. The town is placed in Upper-Nitra basin, at foot of Strážov Hills, along right bank of Nitra-river, in an altitude of 291 metres above sea level, with an extent of 20 square kilometres, and 5000 inhabitants, the seat belongs to small Slovak towns. The town of Bojnice has three quarters, such as: Bojnice-Kupele (Spa), Dubnica and Kuty.


The history of such area comes to paleolite time period. The locality belongs to most longer colonized regiones of Slovakia. The first inhabitants settled there inside an area of today´s castle. The first written message comes from 1113, mentioning fortificated piece of ground. Even the first notices, regarding healing springs, come from this time period. Within 17th century, Bojnice became a centre of business, as postal and trade path - from Vienna into Transylvania – passed there. The increased development of handicrafts followed, and the seat became an important locality of Nitra County. In 20th century, since 1966, Bojnice was declared a town.

Bojnice Castle 

The castle belongs to most romantic and visited buildings in Central Europe. Anyway, the last reconstructions, effected and inspired with Middle Age architecture from Italy and France, gave to this building its actual face. Nevertheless, the elements of Baroque style were preserved in the interiors. In 1970, the castle was declared as National Cultural Monument, and became a part of Slovak National Museum. In 1950, a cave was discovered in underground of the castle. At present, the wedding ceremonies are organized there, and the spaces are being used as a scene for making films of many fairytales.

Bojnice CastleBojnice CastleBojnice Castle interior

Bojnice-Castle is open for public daily, except Mondays (during June-September daily). Except daily sightseeings, the visitors have the possibility to enter the castle also in the night, sometimes also during candle or torch-light illumination. Further, the castle offers another attractions, such as: Valentine Weekend, International Spirit and Ghost Festival, Fairytale Castle or Knights´ Days. During Christmas period, you can visit Aristocrats´ Christmas or a Visit of Three Kings, including Christmas decoration and a show of traditional Christmas customs (manners).

Bojnice ZOO-garden

Inside castle area, the oldest ZOO-garden of Slovakia is to be found, with more than 350 sorts of animals. The visitors can admire 82 sorts of mammals, 140 sorts of birds, 90 sorts of fish, 44 sorts of reptiles and amphibians as well as 17 sorts of non-vertebra animals. In ZOO, there is to be found big choice of sections, such as: children section, owls´and birds of pray section, hoofed animals section, water birds´ section, science Carpathian fauna section, monkeys', elephants', beast of pray-birds' and vivarium (including frogs' section) pavillons.

Within more than 50-years history of the ZOO-garden, many puppies and broods were managed to be educated. The ZOO-garden is cooperating with many world protective projects. So, to most important breeding sorts of animals belong, for instance, bongo antelope, Kirks´ dikdik, Dybowski sika deers, Roloway red monkeys, Borneo orangoutangs, Hartmann zebras or African elephants. At the same time, the adoption of chosen animal, for year contribution for animal nourishment, is to be offered.

Bojnice Spa

Healing effects of Bojnice springs were known just since the beginning of 12th century. Bojnice Spa is specialized for treatment of moving apparatus problems as well as nerve diseases. Totally nine springs (28-52 °C) as well as more than 2000 sunshine hours during a year, create ideal conditions for healing processes, regenaration and relax. To recovery procedures belong: balneotherapy, sick body training, reflex, thermo, electro, light treatment or oxygen therapy. Except of this, the guests could use fitness, salt cave, water aerobic, nordic walking, training with fitball, whirlpool, sauna or massages.

The accommodation is secured in main healing houses, such as Baník, Mier or Lysec. offering also meals or procedures. The offer of stays is really wide weeks´or weekend spa stays, healing stays, ambulance treatment, spa treatment of patients from healthy security police, complex balneo-therapy, including use of thermal water and classical and wellness procedures.

Much more services, which are available

Except all services which Bojnice is offering to its visitors, the locality has another places of interest available. So, Čajka swimming pool, including three basins, is ideal fore spending of active holidays. You can also follow groups of historical fencing „Bojnik“ and falconers „Aquila“. Provided you would be interested in getting new information, except castle-museum, mentioned above, you can visit Jakub Drevenak Mineralogical and Mining Museum or Prepost Cave, Slovak Primeval Age Museum.

As far as the other places of interest are concerned, you can admire St. Martin Church, with its interior of Baroque style, civic houses of Renaissance and Baroque style, placed on the square, and St. John Nepomuk Chapel of 18th century. So called folklore „Bojnice Band Orchestra“ forms also a part of Bojnice history.

Text: K. Csongárová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Anita Bogdanovičová, Kúpele Bojnice, a.s.


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