Published: 14.2.2008
The town of Chomutov is situated in Northwestern part of Bohemia. In 2006, it was declared as a status town (with more than 50000 inhabitants) and belongs to the biggest towns of Czech Republic. It is placed on an important crossing of railway as well as road communications. First written notice comes of 1252, this small town was given to German Knights´ Order.

Baroque Holy Trinity ColumnCity towerRocky fortifications were constructed in town in the second half of 14th century. In 1411, the town was German Knight´s Order  confiscated  by King Wenceslas IV, and successively, in 1421, it was plundered by Hussite troops. In 1605, the inhabitants were redeemed from servitude and Chomutov became a King´s town. Since 16th century, there were open minings of alum in the surroundings, and in 19th century there were open brown-coal minings and iron works. In 20th century, there was open weapons´ branch of Poldi-factory.

In a period 1960-1980 the town of Chomutov was extensively reconstructed, anyway, the historical nucleus was not damaged, and in 1992 declared as a town´s preserved zone. As to historical monuments: it is a Baroque Column of Holy Trinity on 1st May square, early Gothic Church of St.Catherine. town hall of 1607, late Gothic Church of Virgin Mary and Baroque Church of St.Ignatius.

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Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Diligent, Hynek Moravec, č.2, Zipacna1, č.2, č.3


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