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CZ, Krasna Lipa: The Heart of Ceske Svycarsko - VIDEO

Published: 2.7.2013
Krasna Lipa – the meaning of these words (Beautiful Linden) seems to predetermine a character of the city, which calls itself the center of Ceske Svycarsko.

Truth to be told, Krasna Lipa is rather than krasna (beautiful) known for rough character of its people. Most of those who spent their day outside working, despite bad weather, were hidden in cheap pubs or were just sittin on benches at Krinicke Square, which was recently renovated.

Krásná a drsná

Despite Krasna Lipa photogenic nature there are not that many things to take pictures of. If you take a longer walk you may see its darker aspects – a difficult life in the Sluknov Hook as it has extensive notorious problems with unemployment.

Krásná Lípa

Krásná LípaKrásná LípaKrásná Lípa

Except of already mentioned smoky pubs the only good meal is in the Hostel Lipa complex. Unfortunately, weather doesn’t favor tourism this year, thus, spaces that would normally host lots of tourists are empty.

Tourists who set out to Krasna Lipa want a good place from where they can take trips rather than experience luxury. There are plenty accommodation options around.

Příroda – lákadlo číslo jedna…

Above-standard in Krasna Lipa is local House of Ceske Svycarsko. There tourists may find everything they need such as tips for trips, tips for landmarks around, tips for biking trips – one trail leads right from Krasna Lipa along the Krinice River. The river gave the name to the square in Krasna Lipa. Then the trail leads to Kyjov where you may see typical houses. The trail continues then via Kyjovske Valley, along Brtnicky Pond and on the way you may stop in Brtniky to see mineralogical exhibition and return to Krasna Lipa.

Krásná Lípa

…a beautiful places in Krasna Lipa

And we are back in the center of Ceske Svycarsko. Well, eventually even here in Ceska Lipa you may see some things. Up on the hill, high above the town, threre is the church of St Mary Magdalene. There goes a monumental stairs built in the years of 1816 – 1818. Similar feeling of monumentality you will experience when you see a cross above the stairs in front of the church’s entrance.

Krásná Lípa

Spacious surroundings of local square is decorated with log cottages that are characteristic for this region. The oldest of the cottages is located just at the square, its number is 17. It is a typical sample of rural baroque with wooden arcades. Nothing suits this place better than a cake shop. So, if you want to have some fresh coffee and some sweets, please go there. In the time the house was built, i.e. 1729, it used to be a house used by medics.

If you decide to visit Ceske Svycarsko, Krasna Lipa is certainly among the most important stops you have to make. This is for there are several natural landmarks around, such as the Fairy Cave . The cave is interesting not just in summer but in the winter season as well. The Black Gate – fallen cliff that created five meters wide and three meters high nature gate. Or you may visit Dymník, a basalt hill.

Text/photo/video: Klára Svobodová

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