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Louny: Kind Surprise In Bohemian Highlands-VIDEO

Published: 19.10.2010
The town of Louny has not so many sightseeings available, making comparison to Domažlice (West Bohemia) or Slavonice (South Bohemia). Nevertheless, who does not know, how Louny looks like, is not expecting any wonder. Maybe, he could imagine some town of standard level, the choice of which could be wide. On the other hand, the person who knows Louny, is pleased to return there again.

Arriving to Louny, you pass many dwelling houses along both parts of the road. All buildings have its typical feature. However, it is a typical model of Communist architecture, presenting the ideology, which missed very little towns in the Czech Republic. This iron-concrete result of past plans was to get living possibilities for as much people as possible inside smallest space. This fact could not be hidden by tonns of coloured glaze. „This is not a beautiful town, we make a small stop in the centre, and continue our trip to Raná!“ young girl says.


Louny views from any place

Two old ladies are waiting for bus to Prague, have a chat, looking at a scene at sunset when the sky is becoming pink. And thus hilly countryside gave even more extravagant character to the town. Just from bus station, it is wonderful view for all towers of historical nucleus of Louny. Far away, you can follow the hills of Bohemian Highlands. As a dominanta - it is Raná - just the hill, where the girl intended to travel and did not have a stop in Louny at all.

wall in Louny

Memorial to victims of 2nd world war Memorial to victims of 2nd world war Memorial to victims of 2nd world war

Žatec Gate - a Border of Two Worlds

As far as the parking in Louny is concerned, it is no problem. Huge parking place is available a couple of steps only from supermarkets, not far from historic nucleus. There is a place for many vehicles available. On the other hand, the parking in front of town hall, St. Nicholas Church or Museum building, is rather problematic. You have to pay a fee, and, frankly speaking, the car is not too suitable object for parking there. This fact will by understood by any receptive person, who passes Žatec Gate.

Zatec gate - LounyZatec gate - LounyZatec gate - Louny

Žatec gate - Louny

Žatec Gate, which was constructed in 1500, is strikingly resembling to Prague Gate in Rakovník. Great part of fortification, including two gun bastions, were preserved till now. Originally, this gate was constructed near to some other gate (Prague Gate), which was placed there till 1861.  However, the construction was destroyed later. Today, Žatec Gate acts as a border of two worlds, It is a gate, dividing its modern conception, where the real town is out of date, where the people are pleased to live, from the town which has its history and culture.

Good town´s policy

It is visible just after couple of steps in ancient small streets.Moreover, these streets are in perfect condition. You cannot find non-restored facade or even house-ruins in city centre. And if you find something, so it is a house, surrounded with scaffoldings and several hard working Ucrainian workers. This is really a good policy of the town, as well as the mentality of the persons who are living there, So, you can find everywhere clean and well arranged places.

Town hall - Louny

Town hall - LounyLounyBenedict Rejt Gallery - Louny

Even the confectionary reminds passed times. Two elder ladies in pink aprons offer the sweets to local persons, accompanied with the young girl, Louny visitor, who was in a hurry before. And now, she enjoys such pleasant atmosphere of the town, drinking punch and eating a piece of a chocolate, with a cream inside. Nevertheless, twenty minutes before six o´clock, a woman in pink apron starts to clean the floor in the confectionery. It is true, that shortly before closing dead-line, nobody could come and those, who are inside, are forced to shorten their stay there. So, this is a way of life in small town, placed in the same lines, day after day!

St. Nicholas Church - it is really successfull substitute!

Nevertheless, St. Nicholas Church remains town´s dominanta. This top work of late Gothic time period could be admired from all angles. You can see it from main square, from Žatec Gate, from local museum, gallery and even from far distant bust station. And each view is offering something different.

Towers of St. Nicholas Church

In past, in 1332, the church in Louny had quite different form, and was consecrated to St. Cross. Anyway, the change was effected after its reconstruction, at the end of 14th century. However, the church burnt out, together with city centre, in spring of 1517. Benedict Rejt, King´s architect, was engaged in church reconstruction and built the church in a form which is known at present. He built hall three-navy church, with circling vault and pyramidal roof, which could become the opposite side of hills of Bohemian Highlands. The work was successfull, and St. Nicholas Church was really a nice Louny ornament. From its galleries, you have the possibility to enjoy (daily, except Mondays), wonderful view of the whole town and environs.

Museum - LounyTurret of local library and Plague columnJirásek Mills - Louny

„South Gate of Bohemian Highlands“ or „A Pearl on Ohře-river“ - these are nicknames of the town. Except famous St.Nicholas Church, the town has, of course, many other places of interest, which are worth to visit. So, for example, these are: local museum, placed in Sokol House. Benedict Rejt Gallery, Jirásek Mills, or local Town Hall.

St. Nicholas Church

The tips for cycling routes in the surroundings could be found in web site: http://infocentrum.mulouny.cz(cyklotrasy.html

Text/video: Klára Svobodová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: Klára Svobodová, Štěpánka Svobodová

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