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Roudnice - Rich Tourist Potential - VIDEO

Published: 15.6.2010
The town of Roudnice nad Labem has available all necessary aspects, in order to become attractive place from tourist point of view. Nevertheless, this town of Ústí Region could miss something...


Town hall is a dominating building on the square of nearly each town. Despite of this, on Charles Square in Roudnice, you can find all artefacts, characteristic for such boulevards. So, you can  pass there, on enormous hilly space, traditional Plague Column, fountain, a lot of pubs, various small shops and many bus stops. From here, you have nice view to local bridge (more than one hundred years old) across Labe (Elbe) river, Watch-tower Hláska, bell-tower or a castle. Moreover, each space on stone pavement is filled up with parking vehicles.

Karlovo (Charles) Square In Roudnice

St. Vojtěch (Ethelbert) Statue makes rather modern impression. This Saint is known as really the first Bohemian - European person. This bishop decided to travel to Pommern Region (Germany and Poland) in order to make acquaintance local inhabitants with Christianity, and died there as a martyr. Now, his stone face is looking at town´s suburbs, towards former ford and actual bridge. This statue is placed in Roudnice since 1996.

How to use Roudnice castle?

The fifth or sixth greatest castle of Bohemia has bad luck till now. The reply could be found with its look and a fact that it is not open for public. This immense building is partially fenced, owing to building works. The town hall, which could be hundred times smaller as the castle, is working on a fact that this monument could be again joined with standard life of the town. The authorities even opened on their web-site a page - how to use our castle? Some ideas are interesting, some are rather smiling, as follows:

Our suggestion: to destroy completely the castle, and to sell the bricks, each piece for one hundred crowns!“

„Another possibility: ceremonial hall would be placed inside castle area. The funerals into the earth are decreasing, as the late persons are brought for cremation to Prague or to Ústí. But the timetable of such event would be prepared carefully, so that it would not happen when funeral ceremonies would cross wedding or baptism!“

Castle in Roudnice

View From Local Look Out TowerFunctionalist Look Out TowerLook Out Tower - Townscape

The greatness as well as historical importance of castle building would be taken in mind immediately, when you have a look from local look out tower. The construction could be found not far from city centre. However, brown colour marking is finishing just in place, when you are not sure, where to go.

The look out tower is of functionalistis style, and belongs to low situated constructions (230 m). It is hidden in inconspicuous lateral street. It is unique construction, offering, except around  countryside and town views, a look into the garden in the neighbourhood. The construction was  built in 1934, on the occasion of 60th anniversary of „Roudnice Říp Credit-Bank“. Vaclav Kratochvíl, his founder, has commemorative plate in its low part. Credit-Bank building could be found on Huss Square, not far from Jan Huss Statue. The monument of „famous heretic“ with an inscripition „The truth will win!“ is placed there since 1925.

Swedish invasion and stone bridge

Stone bridge was built in Roudnice in 1340. This construction could be the third oldest one in Czech Republic, however, it was completely destroyed by Swedish military troops during 30.years war. (Note: the oldest bridges of the country are Charles Bridge in Prague, and a bridge in Písek). Later, in 1631, the bridge was damaged by Saxonian troops, when all its wooden parts were destroyed. And three years later, this bridge above Labe-river was completely destroyed by Banner, Swedish marshal. New bridge was built even in 1910, so, this year hundred years´ birthday will be celebrated.

Bridge in RoudniceRiver Port - Wiev From BridgeWalk Along The River

Bridge In Roudnice


Hilly terrain, where the town grew, is offering many unexpected views. While walking the town, you will meet new places of interest, discover a gallery in former castle riding-ground, bell-tower and two small chapels. You cannot overlook Hláska watch-tower.

Augustinian Monastery

The tower formed a part of former wooden rampart, changed later into stone fortification. The building served as watch - and informing tower. Not far from Labe (Elbe) river, just opposite local grammar scholl building, you can find a monastery of Augustinian Order. The complex was terminated in 1353, whereas the construction was started twenty years earlier. The town obtained its name according to ore-bearing spring, this is a legend.

All entire modern town

Roudnice nad Labem acts as modern town with quite wide historical nucleus. Busy traffic is characteristic with plenty of passing vehicles. However, discussed and necessary main road  for traffic, passing outside the town, was not built up to now. The town has approx. 13 thousands of inhabitants, you can find there railway station, hospital, movie (cinema), museum, internet TV, Prior department store, river-port as well as an airport.

Roudnice is famous with its traditional air show, and maybe, with music festival in the future, organized just inside castle garden. The project was worked out by Michal Horáček, famous musician and text-maker, and Roudnice patriot.

„It is pleasant place to stay!“ old man says, returning home. He does not visit another places,  it is sufficient for him to take a relax in his garden. An his recommendation is as follows: „You have to visit Hláska watch-tower !“ However, bad way marrking is bad marking! What to do?

Augustinian MonasteryCredit Bank buildingPrior Store In Roudnice

View Of Rip Hill

Text: Klára Svobodová

Translation. ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo/video: Klára Svobodová


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