Published: 15.1.2008
The town of Terezín is situated 60 kms in northern direction from Prague, not far from confluence of Elbe river with Ohře. In 1782 the town was declared ( by Emperor´s patent) as a free King´s town. Fortress of Terezín was established in 1780 by Emperor Joseph II.

Terezin Small FortressThe task of a big  fortification system was to protect the northwestern way to Bohemia.

The essence of a citadel is a Main  fortress with a town in a middle and  a Small citadel.

The town played a difficult  task during Nazi occupation. In Terezin, Jewish cemetery and crematoriumSmall citadel there was established  a jail of Prague Gestapo. The town of terezín, Main fortress, was changed to Jewish transit Ghetto. The prisoners were  transported into concentration camps and Ghettos on the East.

In 1947 the government of Czechoslovak Republic decided  to create a monument with a task to maintain and keep memorable Terezin, National Cemeteryplaces in a condition in which they were during Nazi occupation.  At present, Terezín ia a symbol  of  martyrdom of tens of thousands of people and  permanent reminder  and  warning  for future generations.

The part of monument forms a historical quarter of terezín – Small Citadel, National Cemetery, Ghetto Museum, Jewish  Cemetery with Crematorium, Russian Cemetery, Monument of Soviet soldiers and other.



Text: Markéta Řandová

Photo: Wikipedia.org, Miaow Miaow, č.2, Leonce49, č.2, č.3



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