Region of Vysočina

CZ: Kamen Castle– Scenery on a Blossoming Rock
Published: 27.1.2014
There is a small, inconspicuous village of Kamen near Pelhrimov. About three hundred people live there and you would drive through it within two minutes. However, a castle appears in one curve. Today, it is a well-maintained Baroque-Renaissance building because of which you will stop on a pretty large parking lot below the castle.

CZ: Kamenice nad Lipou – Matter of Heart
Published: 20.1.2014
This picturesque town with little less than four thousand people is a place I have a deep feelings with. It is located in the Region of Vysocina, in district of Pelhrimov.

CZ, Pelhrimov: On a Road to Explore Architectural Styles - VIDEO
Published: 14.5.2013
We invite you to Pelhrimov, the Region of Vysocna. Our visit will bring us closer to the famous Czech movie „Vesničko má středisková“, a town where Pelhrimov played role of a place where the innkeeper went to see a crematorium on the doctor’s advice to see where his life is heading.

CZ, Humpolec: Where Aluminium Moved To - VIDEO
Published: 7.5.2013
„Hlinik (Aluminium) moved to Humpolec “. This sentence about a classmate who was never seen by anybody but is omnipresent in the “Marecku podejte mi pero” movie by Sverak and Smoljak, made Humpolec famous in the eyes of the Czech nation.

CZ: Kamenice nad Lipou – The City of Ancient Trie
Published: 29.3.2013
Kamenice nad Lipou a city of four thousand people is a part of the Pelhřimov District in Vysočina Region it is located by the River Kamenice in 563 meters above the sea level.

CZ: Počátky – The Birth Place of Otokar Březina
Published: 1.2.2013
There is a town in beautiful Region of Vysočina that you can visit during your walks in the land.

CZ, Lipnice Nad Sázavou - Gigantic Castle In A Small Village - VIDEO
Published: 9.10.2012
There are villages and villages. The village, where we take you this time is full of charm. There nearly seven hundred people lives. In the summer season, and even at its very end, when the weather is not as challenging, but there is more populous. Attraction for tourists is eponymous castle, respectively its very well preserved ruins and few fixed parts.

CZ, Žďár Nad Sázavou - Centre: Back To Seventies - VIDEO
Published: 2.10.2012
Žďár nad Sázavou is a city known mainly Santini pilgrimage church of St. Jan of Nepomuk on Zelená hora, sign on list UNESCO World Heritage Site. Who would look for this miracle the centre, would be disappointed. Monuments stand on the edge of town. But we still stay in the centre of Žďár and the church will be discussed in detail sometimes later.

CZ, Jihlava: Czech - Moravian Metropolis - VIDEO
Published: 11.9.2012
About Jihlava we could hear in the news perhaps every day. It is quite obvious - Jihlava is the main city of region and it is no wonder that in a place that literally divides Bohemia and Moravia, and here and there a major ruckus. To be completely clear, where the border actually leads, Maria Theresa left in Jihlava "build" four boundary stones.

CZ: Golčův Jeníkov - The Centre Of The Czech Republic - VIDEO
Published: 10.1.2012
A little over two and a half thousand people live in the city called Golčův Jeníkov. The life of the city but it is not known. It is half-empty.

CZ: ZOO Jihlava
Published: 30.9.2011
The smaller one by its wide Jihlava zoo is located in cosy natural area Jihlavka River Valley, near the historic city centre.

CZ: Golčův Jeníkov
Published: 18.2.2011
In Vysočina Region, you can find many towns and localities which are worth to be discovered and visited. No doubt, a picturesque town of Golčův Jeníkov with its 2500 inhabitants, belongs to them…

Nové Město na Moravě
Published: 5.4.2008
The town of Nové Město na Moravě was established approx. in 1250 by Boček of Obřany, founder of Cisterciac Monastery in Žďár nad Sázavou. First written notice comes of 1267. At this time, the originally community named Bočkanov. Anyway, we find the name Nova Civitas on a document of King Wenceslas I in 1293.

Published: 17.10.2007
The town of Chotěboř, with its 10000 inhabitants, is situated in Bohemia-Moravian Highlands. The neighbouring nature is ideal for touring, cyclotouring and holidays. The town offers as cultural as sports´ activities. Historical nucleus was declared as a town´s monumental zone.

Published: 12.10.2007
The town of Třebíč is situated in southeaster part of Vysočina Region, in western part of Moravia. You find it on middle way between Brno and Jihlava, nearly 40000 inhabitants are living here. History of a town placed along Jihlava-river comes to 1101. At present, Třebíč is a cultural, administrative, political as well as industrial centre of a district.

Žďár nad Sázavou
Published: 10.10.2007
In protected nature area of Žďárské Hills, approx. 120 kms distant from Prague, there is situated the town of Žďár nad Sázavou. The area round the town belongs to most beautiful parts of Czech republic and offers a lot of choice for sports and cultural activities.

Jihlava town
Published: 7.10.2007
Jihlava is situated in Bohemia-Moravian Highlands and it is a trade, administrative, cultural and industrial centre of Vysočina Region. The town was founded by Wenceslas I. in the first middle of 13th century after discovery of silber mineral veins. Jihlava is placed on border of Bohemia and Moravia on a river of the same name nad has nearly 50000 inhabitants.

Published: 21.9.2007
First written notice about Pelhřimov comes to 12th century. This ancient and picturesque town with 17000 inhabitants is situated along banks of small river of Bělá in Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. The town is united with a Festival of Records and Curiosities , here is also registered the Czech Book of Records – (according to Guiness Book of Records).

Published: 20.9.2007
The town of Telč is situated in half way between Prague and Vienna. Telč is registered from 1992 in a Survey of Cultural and Nature Heritage UNESCO. Since this time, the place is more and more visited town of Czech Republic, its target is to become an European Tourist Centre. Telč is a natural administrative, social and cultural centre of southern part of Bohemia-Moravian Highlands.


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