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CZ: Kamenice nad Lipou – Matter of Heart

Published: 20.1.2014
This picturesque town with little less than four thousand people is a place I have a deep feelings with. It is located in the Region of Vysocina, in district of Pelhrimov.

Kamenice nad Lipou - every time I hear or see the name of this town, I think of my childhood. We went through it almost every weekend and every holiday to see grandma at her cottage in a nearby village 4 km named Lhota. I go there to this day, but now with their children.

On the square, there stands a castle with beautiful large English park, which grows 800 years old lime tree, for which the city got its name.

lipa   lipa    kasna

By a stone fountain, in upper part of the square, there is a “sister” of the aforementioned lime tree planted. In the castle, in the years 1945 - 1998, there used to be a children sanatorium, where there is annually organized summer festival toys with workshops for children called "Toy Festival”. We have missed it this year.


In 2004 the Town Museum obtained spaces in the south wing of the castle, which opened a new permanent exhibition called the Museum of All the Senses that uses sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.


Not only textiles of former Tylex brand comes from Kamenice, but the town was home to figures such as: composer and national artist Vitezslav Novak , who was born in house number 55 at square. On his behalf the street was named Vitezslav Novak Street. Jaroslav Frantisek Vacek Kamenicky - patriotic priest and poet, author of the poem "In the Manor of Justice," which was set to music and became popular, was born in the house number 105, marked by a commemorative plaque in the street bearing the name Vackova Street.


If you come to Kamenice in the summer holidays, you can see a steam locomotive . You can ride it on a narrow-gauge railway on the trip to Jindrichuv Hradec or to Nova Bystrice.

I would like to gladly invite you to the above-mentioned village of Lhota , just for a walk or to a local forest for mushrooms, around two natural ponds, which leads the way lined with linden, larch, birch and where even frogs have their way in the form of emergency barriers. By one of them throughout the summer, we always bathed, went to the forest to pick strawberries and raspberries, plucked sedges ...

On a hill near Kamenice nad Lipou, at Antonka village is hidden flooded quarry with azure blue water. It is used as a summer resort. All around are growing birches and costs rocks, which leads to a forest access road. They were and still are a wonderful and memorable times. It is simply great…


At the beginning of the village, where only 25 inhabitants live, was established a beautiful natural swimming pool thisyear. Fans of biking may ride from Kamenice nad Lipou through Lhota to Zirovnice. Through forests you can get to Metanov and further. If you would like to stay at Kamenice nad Lipou, visit Workcentrum hotel that is popular among cyclists. It is really worth visiting this forest-covered lands!


Text/photo: Martina Francová

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