Likava castle

Published: 10.2.2009
Likava castle is located on north-west edge of Liptov Region. First notice comes from 14th century, when the castle was established, in order to protect a passage across Váh-river with an important merchant way, leading from Pováží Region to Orava and into Poland.

How to get Likava castle? The easiest way is from the community of Likavka, from bus station at its upper community part. So, you turn from main road, connecting Liptov with Orava regions and the town of Ružomberok and Dolný Kubín, to the right, and follow red marked tourist trail out of the village. You arrive the meadow, not far from the castle and enter the forest. After short climb, you leave red marked trail, and in a moment you find yourself in front of castle gate. Likava castle is raising on limestone rock in an altitude of 630 metres, and the view to the south and east offers wonderful sights. Best view is especially on part of Liptov basin and Choč hills.

Upper castle is created with rest of  horse-shoe tower, north, south and east palace, surrounded with small courtyards. Eastern palace with rests of castle chapel was partially arranged to gun bastion in the course of 16th century. First barbican, including entering tower,

was added to this nucleus on western terrace, protected with five-cornered bastions.

Anyway, change of communication relations occured later. So, the entrance through a gate from western part was walled up, and the castle was open from eastern part, across the second barbican and a building of internal gate. In 17th century, the castle-entrance was secured by means of  other gate, the walls of which are visible at present. Later, there was sunk a well below the wall (accessible through staircase in rocky tunnel), but now you cannot watch it as it is fully regaled.

Castle Likavka

Starting point of your way upstairs to Likava castle, it would be the community of Likavka.

The village is located in a valley of a brook of the same name, along right bank of Váh-river.

Through Likavka-village is passing important traffic route connecting Low Liptov with Orava-region. Likavka belongs to oldest communities of Liptov-region, however, the date of

its foundation is unknown. It is to be assumed that the village was established in 11th or in 12th century. The archaeologists managed to uncover dwelling places of Puchov culture and Great Moravia sites, indicating ancient colonization of this place.

In past, Likavka was a community of Váh-raftsmen. Anyway, with penetrating of factories and industrial production, many people transferred to the town of Ružomberok, looking for labour possibilities there. In a period of fights for freedom, local inhabitants participated in revolt, and a cruel punishment followed shortly. In Kramariska locality (nearby Choč mountain range) the Fascists executed eleven patriots. A monument reminds this event now. As far as the other places of interest: it is St.George church, built in Neo-Gothic style in 1880. There is regularly taken place children festival in a community. This proves a fact that folklore traditions are alive.

Likavka is the only point of departure in Choč Hills (these are divided into three parts). Choč is those, located in most western part, and forms an important country dominanta of Orava and Liptov regions. Its highest hill is Velký Choč (Great Choč -1611 m) expressively rising above the neighbouring country, and belongs to most beautiful view point Slovak hills.

You can see, at very favourable weather conditions, West Carpathian Mountain Range, from north part Babí hora and Pilsko, from east High Tatra and Roháče Mountain Range, from youth-east Low Tatra, and finally, from south-west Velká and Malá Fatra (Great and Small Fatra Mountain Range).


Text: Denisa Arvajová

Photo:, Petitpeton

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