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Luhačovice spa

Published: 28.9.2007
Luhačovice is a spa town situated in southeast part of Moravia., 16 kms distant of town of Zlín. It is the greatest spa in Moravia and the 4th most important spa in Czech Republic. Six natural sources spring here as well as tens of bored springs are available. Most important spring is those of Vincentka.

The oldest written notice about Luhačovice comes of 1412 when the community  was obtained by Sternberg-parentage, with its seat in Lukov. Luhačovice became a town on

3rd June 1936. In this period, there stayed many famous personalities here, for instance composer Leoš Janáček or writer František Kožík.


Luhačovice is situated in a valley of small river of Šťávnice, called also as Luhačovice brook.

In surroundings there are a lot of forests. Three kilometres from city centre  there was built Luhačovice dam. Fishing union  organises each year well-known fishing races of Republic importance.

The dominanta of this quiet spa-town of 5500 inhabitants is Great Colonnade with springs of Vincentka and amandka. The colonnade was constructed according to plans if architect O.Polívka of Brno. It is 130 m long and 13 m wide.


In Luhačovicxe there are treated especially the problems of upper and lower respiratory ways, further problems with digestion and illness  od disorders of  metabolism.

For tourists there are several healing circles  available, offering pleasant views around local quiet and afforested outskirts.


Photo: Klára Svobodová





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