Published: 18.9.2007
The town of Zlín is situated in valley of Dřevnice-river, spreaded between Hostýn and Vizovice Hills. In the surroundings there are places many interesting natural localities. Zlín is taken into consideration as a business centre of eastern Moravia. The town, former known as Gottwaldov, is inseparable connected with the name Baťa.

ZlinFirst written notice about Zlín comes from 1322. However, the town was on a break of 16th and 17th century burnt by Bočkay troops and a big blemish had suffered within 30-years´war. At the end of 15th century  there was ? on place of today´s castle ? established a stronghold. This stronghold was rebuilt later ? by means of Jan Cedlar of Hoff - to Renaissance castle. Afterthat, the castle was obtained by Zlín Town-Hall in 1929 into its possession. Now, you can visit here the Museum of Southeastern Moravia.

The town experienced a great swing in 1894 when a big shoe-company Baťa was established. Thomas Baťa, local native, let to be inspired by Ford and introduced a new technology in our country ? current production. Thanks to big army orders, he has got  unusual turnover and developed his business to all countries and continents of the Zlin Castleworld.

Thomas Baťa was one of greatest manufacturers enterpreneurs of that time and his working methods and technologies were of quite revolutionary character. So, in honour of legacy of Thomas Baťa there was founded the University of Thomas Baťa in Zlín in 2001. Baťa formed synonymously the face of Zlín in such way as we know it now. 

ZOO-park is abundantly visited place in Zlín, situated in Lešná quarter. Except of ZOO you can admire a castle, built by an Austrian Noble of Seilem-parentage in 1887-1893. In Zlín´s ZOO you do not see the cages, the exposition is put into forest environment and try the best to copy (imitate) in trustworthy way the fatherland of animals kept.

Zlin, squareZlín is well-known with its International Film Festival for youth and children taken place every year.

In Zlín there is placed also a Film School, specialised especially for animated films, picture, sound, performance and  management.

As to local natives: it is, first of all, Thomas Baťa (mentioned above), further, Josef Abrhám (actor), Peter Čajánek (ice-hockey player). Ivana Trump, born Zelníčková (skier and American enterpreneur).


Photo: Wikipedia.org, Matros, Ondrej.konicek, č.2, Packa



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